Please Help Me with My Horse!

by Mollie

I have an Arabian horse and I want to know what you guys think I should do with him.

I've had problems with him like he's hard to get trotting with a crop and really hard kicks but once I do get him to, he shoots off like a rocket.

He always has his head up in the air if I am trotting or cantering him. His canter is like a gallop, its a mess. I want to do jumping with him but he does have arthritis and I used to be able to jump 3 feet and I wanted to advance in it but I haven't been able to with owning him.

He is sweet on the ground, its just the riding part. I do have two trainers so don't say I need to get one. Comment if you have any advice for me and him. Thanks guys!

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Jun 04, 2012
You might try this!
by: Eventing Star

Put your Arab on the lunge line and get him use to voice cues. Like when you say walk, trot, or canter he should be able to do these when you say the word after a couple weeks!

May 06, 2012
easy, horse!
by: englishrider4life

My trainer said to lean slightly back in the saddle. It slows the horse down, just as leaning forward makes the horse go faster. So maybe try that. I'm not sure about problem number 1.

Feb 27, 2012
by: Horseluver4evernever

Hi! I do know a bit about Arabs. They are breed to have their heads in the air. You could try a martingale. There is a horse at my barn named frosty that barely canters (previous owners never taught her much it was a kids home pony) and when you finally do get her too she is so fast you can barely stay on. I would suggest using spurs but if he's a bullet when he's trotting then maybe not! Try talking to your trainers about it.(stating the obvious you probably already did). try slowing your posting down. If your horse is responsive then he will adjust to your posting. Start from begging with him. Have an experienced trainer ride him. Get your trainer to walk and trot beside you. I would suggest trying these techniques and then see if he becomes better. And for the arthritis there is nothing you can do. Remember you can't jump to high or you might make it worse. Maybe lease another horse to jump and compete with. But the final decision is up to you. Hope this helps!!!(:

Jan 28, 2012
by: Danae

to get her/him to go try using these phases first lean back so your on your tailbone but your feet out instead of in then this might sound funny but finally it will be the only thing you squeeze, and keep that position i told you then if that doesn't work bring your energy with you while you lift the rein (keep holding the position i told you) then if that doesn't work by keeping the position push on the horses neck if that doesn't work, take you rein and hit your self lightly (to make like a whipping sound but it is not hurting your horse :)) (but keep the position i told you) then if that doesn't work it your horse the has same pressure you were hitting yourself (and keep the position the whole way through this and when you ride cause if you sit the other way it hurts your horse, and it won't cooperate. i did this with my stubborn horse THAT WON'T GO and she Did on me just hitting her lightly 2 times! AMAZING! i hope this works for you :)

Jan 27, 2012
Lets see...
by: Moosie

First-- the trotting. HALF HALT!! I can't stress that enough. Drop the crop and just use leg... kick like a cowgirl if you half to just to get him going. When he does start moving, half halt him just enough to collect his trot, but not to stop his motion. Also, try using your seat and cluck with your tounge. If half halts don't work, ride him through it and tell him to 'easyyyyy downnnnn.'
Second-- Head up. He's an Arab, so there isn't much to do about that. When I work with my Arab, We put a special bit on her. Talk to your trainer about bit's. You can also use a martingale... those always work. If not, circle him smaller and smaller at the trot, and when he relaxed, then ask him to canter. And half halt when he picks it up. That should work, if not, try lunging. <-- If all of the above fails. And....
Third-- Jumping. Use the same methods. Also, make him do gymnastics courses before doing serious jumps. And start him at the beginning, yes, I mean trotting and cantering poles. RETEACH him how to behave undersaddle.
And since this all falls under one category, my two top tips are the bit and the martingale. Goodluck!!


Jan 24, 2012
by: pony lover

well one thing is arabs are kinda breed to have there head way up in the air but other than that i don't know what to tell you, i just don't know much about arabs sorry ):

Jan 24, 2012
an idea
by: Kailee

maybe you should earn your horses trust before you ride or respect cause that sounds like he or she doesn't trust you or respect you, i know it is very hard but i think you should try. here is a website that might help you out look around you might find something useful. :)

I'm doing the level one training course it is awesome! :)
Hope this helped you out some :)

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