OMG! I have sooooo many fave horse names

by Rachel a.k.a. HorseGal
(Sheboygan, Wisconsin, U.S.A.)

(can you tell i'm HORSE CRAZY?!?)

MARE NAMES: Shasta, Snowbell, Sundancer, Melody, Penny, Impressa, Elantra, Corona, Bella, Starshine, Liberty, Becka/Becky, America, Serenity, Ice Baby, Scarlett, Sahara

STALLION NAMES: Cobalt, Banker, Stripper, Whitesox, Windstar, Comanche, Comrade, Twilight, Diago/Diablo, Delgado, Skyfire, Spirit, Dipstick, Mystic, Legend, Midnight Sun, Casanova

See? I told you I am totally HORSE CRAZY!!! (although you could also probably tell from my username) Trust me, one day I'll have a whole barn full of horses with these names. (right now i'll settle for virtual horses)
P.S. I have been taking dressage lessons for seven years now.

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May 15, 2011
by: Anonymous

I love the name Dipstick! It fits my horse perfectly. I'M HORSE CRAZY TOO!

May 10, 2010
by: Anonymous

You should probably name it star if it has a star.. or maybe after a star cluster... IDK, like orion, short for orions belt...

May 02, 2010
by: Anonymous

i love all those names
there really good names for horses!!!!!!!!!!
anyone looking for horse names should use these ones!!!!!!!!!! there fab

Apr 22, 2010
name for my blackhorse
by: Anonymous


I read the names you had written and they are beautiful, but it seems none fit my horse. He is a black thoroughbred with a white star, he is a stunner to look at and is very nice to ride .. Hi s race name is Hong Kong but it does not fit at all lol CAn u help?

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