Need help for upcoming first horse show!

by Uma
(Beaverton, OR)

I haven't ridden very much but my friends say I'm a natural. My first horse show is coming up and I'm nervous! What if I mess up and do something wrong? Or lose my sense of direction? I'm freaking out!!! Ahhhhh!!!!!

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Don't Worry
by: WesternPleasureGirl

I show and ride western and english. My first show I was nervous too but my trainer really helped me! Just ride like you do at home! Pretend the judge isn't there! Focus on you and your horse! I'm sure it will be great!

Don't worry
by: Horse jumper

Don't worry what I did is think positive thoughts.

by: korny

Relax. I remember my first show. I was really nervous. But once you get out it comes naturally. Look ahead cuz you go where you look.

by: Anonymous

Hey relax. Place your horse and look straight ahead. MY riding instructor says you go where you look.

by: Anonymous

Try to relax and just think of it as a fancy riding lesson with prizes. This really helped me for my first show.

Trust me
by: Jami

Hey there sounds like your a bit nervous! Don't worry and relax it is the best idea I can give you. If your not relaxed then your horse will sense something is wrong and will freak out. Just pretend your attending one of your regular lessons and it should all be fine. If you win a ribbon, great! If you don't... Well try again some other day. Your going to do perfectly fine! Good luck and tell me if you win. :)

by: ponyperson

just relax and have fun! when i have shows i don't care about placing, i love all my ribbon because i know i wore together with the horse. i was riding to earn them. do your best that's all anyone can expect of you. trust your horse. HAVE FUN!-ponyperson

by: Horseluver4evernever

I know I was nervous before my first horse show! Ride a horse that you trust! Don't expect too much of yourself, it is your first show. Don't enter a class that askes you to jump as high as you have just learned. Ride in a class that you are comfortable with.( there's always next show to go higher). Just go through what you need to do in your head before you ride. Heels down, arms form L shape, don't look down, look straight ahead, make sure you are in control of your horse. If he is acting up take him to the middle of the ring and ask to be excused from the class. I'm sure you will do great!! Good luck!

Dont worry
by: Lexi

Don't worry, everyone's scared before their first show, most likely if you practice enough, you won't mess up. If you do, then you'll know what to improve on next time!!!
GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oh and
by: lucinda

oh and try to relax your pony will sense it if your scared.

by: lucinda

if you practice enough none of that is even very possible, don't worry sometimes ponies act up but on some ponies that act up more when there not at a show then when they are, if your really scared then keep an eye out for plastic bags blowing in the wind etc and if people have a plastic bag then go to them and tell them to hold on tight to the bag or it could spook your pony.

Good Luck!!!

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