my wonderful horse

by Bella Maria
(yara bilba australia)

It was the morning of my first show. i felt sooo sick from nerves. i went out into the cool morning, the sun was just beginning to rise. before turning on the barn light i got the gut feeling that something was wrong. i was right.
my dapple gray pony was in his stall with blood trickling from a cut on his then my mum was coming out to get her andulusion, Nick Off mum is training nick in dressage. he can't jump because of an old injury. anyway, joker (my pony)was in a great deal of pain.
our neighbour is a vet so he came over and took a look at joker. he said he would be fine but couldn't be ridden until he was better. i was crushe, i wasn't going to be able to compete. again.
Mum was plaiting nick up when she had her BRILLIANT idea. she said why don't you ride Fearless, my Thourghbred gelding.
"What!!? fearless would go crazy and we haven't practiced"
"He'll be fine"
anyway she convinced me to ride him. we arrived at the show a little late but didn't miss any of our classes. the warm up ring was full of rich pot hunters. Fear was suprisingly calm (for him) he only reared a few times but it was enough to get the snobs giggling. i ignored them. Fear was warmed up and ready to go by our first class.
walking in a large circle i tried to calm my nerves. the judge directed us from the centre. fearless looked cheap and trashy against the proffesionally groomed horses but he did me proud. we didn't place but he was quiet and that was all i cared about. we had two more classes for the day but it wasn't until after lunch.
Our class was somehow ahead of time and i was startled when they called us to the collecting ring. i quick ly tacked Fear up and just made it to the ring.
his coat gleemed slick and black. his elegant head held high. entering the dressage arena, all eyes turned on us. prancing and responsive we won. thats right we WON!
our last event was show jumping. 2'6 with a crazy horse who hasn't been jumped for ages. fun huh? well it was. he cleared every fence with ease and acted as if he had done it before. we were a little slow but we still placed. coming in second place. apart from working together with Fear the best thing was seeing the faces of the snobby kids and parents. though i felt sorry for one girl, she said congradulations to us and her mother went crazy.
I soon outgrew Joker and sold him but Fearless will never leave. he's my best friend. forever and ever.

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