My Horse Party: "Hold Your Horses!" You're Invited!!!

by Anna M.
(Naperville, IL)

Here's my horse party idea.

To start off, every party needs some invitations. Find either a horse shaped card, or a card with horses on the cover. The invitation could say "Hold Your Horses! You're Invited to my Party!" on the cover. Then state the information about your party inside. You can draw some pictures of horses to put inside each invitaion. Ask your guests to bring their best horse clothes, an apple or carrot, and their brightest smile!

You can greet everyone with a basket for your guests to put their apple or carrot into. You'll send the supplies to a stable to brighten up the horses' day. You can play 'Horseshoes', watch a horse themed movie, or even go to a stable to ride! Hold some horse themed contests like a drawing contest. Each guest will draw a horse, and hang up all the drawings to compare in the end.

You can also hold relay races. Have the first person walk, then the next person 'trot', then the third will 'canter', and the fourth will go into a 'gallop', sprinting to the finish line! You can mix up the gaits and include some fun types of style, like your best dressage horse pose!

For food, make sure to have 'horseshoe cookies'. Pick your favorite type of cookie, and shape them into horseshoes. Have a horse shaped cake, with horse figures on top of it.

For goodie bags, put a horseshoe in each, some horse chocholate, some mini horses, and a horse bookmark! They'll feel the spirit even after your party when they read a book. They can hang up the horseshoe up on their wall! Put all the horses on a shelf, and you're on your way to creating a horse themed room! If they love your party very much, they may want to start getting more involved with horses!

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May 26, 2016
by: Anonymous

You just gave me some ideas for my horse-themed birthday party! ;D

Mar 20, 2015
by: Richard

I am sure that people can have a great time during this party. I really like the horseshoe cookies stuff and horse shaped cake.

Jul 19, 2014
You made history for my coming life!!!!!!!
by: Lily

That gave me the idea for when I get my horse soon. That's what we can do for an anniversary!!!!!
I love all the ideas and I know everyone else will!!
Thanks so!!!! Much
~big thanks
From NV state

Mar 09, 2012
by: Lizzie

I love this idea. I love it so much, I'm using it for my b-day party! My friends are going to love it! Thanks again!!!!

Sep 10, 2011
by: Kahlan

Cool! Thanks!

Aug 28, 2011
Thanks Everyone!
by: Anna M.

Thanks everyone for all your support and comments. It's an honor to get second place! Thanks Sydney(And Sydney's daughter!) And good job to Anna and Carrigan!

Aug 28, 2011
by: Lainy

I would totally come to your party!!!!!!

Aug 27, 2011
by: Olivia

Awesome I love the idea!!!! I will come to your party!!!!!

Aug 27, 2011
by: Kitkat

This essay is the best essay ever! You have really creative ideas! I'd give this a 10/10!!! Keep up the awesome work!!!

Aug 27, 2011
Thanks everyone!
by: Anna M.

Thanks for commenting! About the horseshoes, there is a local riding store by my neighborhood where they sell different types of horseshoes. Some are even those color your one kinds. The shoes don't have to be exactly the same as real ones, for those are expensive. They can be any type of horseshoe, even clay ones!

Aug 26, 2011
Awesome idea
by: Jess

By far the awesomest idea!

Aug 25, 2011
by: alyssa

i love it, u should get second place because it's really creative.

Aug 25, 2011
by: -horse crazy

Your horse party isn't very original. but i think you guys should watch the movie Black Beauty.

Aug 25, 2011
by: Anonymous

The best. This is ssooooo my 12th bday party!!

Aug 25, 2011
by: Kate

It was ok but not very original. It also sounded a little bit pricey and where would you get horseshoes from? It's not like you see them at Target every day. But, it is a good idea and I wouldn't mind having it as a party.

Aug 24, 2011
Very creative
by: Anonymous

Your idea is very creative and I think it is great. Keep up the good work. And I hope you get 2nd.

Aug 24, 2011
best party ever!!!
by: horse crazy maisie

This would be my type of party, it's the best. my horse flyte, a black stallion is kind and likes cuddles. he would be great for my 12th bday party thank you !!! XXX stroke a stallion pat a pony hug a horse have fun riding! XXX

Aug 21, 2011
I'd pick this one!
by: Amy D.

First of all, the title got my attention. It was original, and demonstrated an amazing way to use a common saying in this particular contest to create something new. The games and food showed a perfect horse themed party. The goodie bags idea was perfect. Adding a horseshoe and other horse related items would be enough for more horse loving girls to emerge. Anna's ideas not only created a horse themed party, but also showed her guests how amazing horses can be, and may have even urged some of the girls to start riding, or learning more about horses!

Jul 19, 2011
Great Idea
by: Sarah

I love the ideas! They're great!

Jul 17, 2011
Great ideas for a horse party
by: Sydney


These are some great ideas for a horse party! You've thought of everything. Be sure to tell your friends to come and comment. :-)

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