My Horse Farm

by Lorinda

Take good care of your horses and build you business as you breed champions. Outfit your riders from head to toe by choosing from an array of clothes accessories and hairstyles! Spend your money wisely make good decisions and train your horses to become world-class champions.

I think it is a cool game!

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Jun 10, 2015
Help Please!
by: Anonymous

I was just wondering how to win the second race? All three of my horses are able to compete at that level, but none of my times are even slightly competitive. One thought that I had was on how many laps there are supposed to be? My computer makes me do six laps on the second race, and I was wondering if it was supposed to be 4 laps like the first race? I am not even able to get within 60 seconds of the winning time! Help!

Apr 15, 2012
Help, competing!
by: Anonymous

No matter how good my horses are, I can never ever manage to even place in the top 3 at a competition! How do you do it? Could someone post a video on youtube of them doing it please?!?!?

Feb 09, 2012
No Cheating Required
by: RidingGirl

you can do it without cheating :D
I've played this for a time till I could do tournaments with my eyes closed.
You can even win them with the beginner horse!

Jan 24, 2012
by: Anonymous

i got this game a couple of years ago and i still luv to play it. it has always been my fave game except for imagine dream championship rider. this game is the best!!

Jan 02, 2012
Absolutely Amazing!
by: Anonymous

I could totally play this for days on end. Some people say it has bad graphics, but they add charm and uniqueness. The only bad thing is that you can't play it on Windows 7.

Dec 08, 2011
by: Anonymous

i love it! OMGGGGGGGGGGGGG sorry caps. I LOVE THEM ALL.

Jun 23, 2011
My Horse Farm rocks
by: Horse Lover

I'm probably too old for this game, but I love it. At first I was a little put off by the childlike animation, but once I got past that, it's a really awesome game!! I've never had a problem with the money, but winning tournaments has been so hard for me.

In this game I've been a millionaire. It really rocks, I just wish I knew how to win tournaments and beat it!

But maybe that's what keeps me coming back :)

Apr 26, 2011
by: Anonymous

Where can you download this for free ?

Nov 07, 2010
my horse farm cheat
by: Sydney

I love this game! You can build a whole horse farm, train horses. It?s fun and challenging. I have found a My Horse Farm cheat that will give you more money if you need more money. You'll probably need the cheat at first, because it is very difficult to get started. Don't get too frustrated.

My cousin who is 15 likes this game and plays it when she is at my house. My five year old niece also tried it. It was tricky for her, but she liked playing it with me.

Oh and here is the cheat: Type the letters idkfa when you are at the farm page. Then press Tab and M at the same time. You should see your money going up. Don't do it too high or you can mess up the game.

I think this game is one of the best horse riding game software programs I've played. If you are looking for one that will keep you entertained for a long time, you'll want to try this one.

Nov 30, 2009
I love my horse farm!
by: Sydney

I was just playing it the other day. It's a great game. I posted a cheat to get more money - it's impossible without it.

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