My first show on my new horse!

by Molly Phillips
(Tanworth-in-Arden, Warwickshire, England)

An animated pony that looks like Holly!

An animated pony that looks like Holly!

It was my first show on my new purebred new forest pony Polly who was only 4 yrs old and still is. It was taking place at Wooten Warren and I had already done the 2ft show jumping class and I was about to do the 2.3ft course.

I walked the course twice and then went over it in my head about five times. Then when I went in I had a few minutes to let Holly look at the jumps and warm up.

While I was doing that I went over the course again several times then I started. I went towards the first jump but it wasn't until I had jumped it that I realised it was number 4 instead of number 1.

I stopped Holly and looked behind but the judges said carry on. So I did but as soon as I jumped number 8 and was going pretty quickly because I was in the speed part the judges blew the horn for me to stop and that spooked Holly so because we were going quite quickly.

She skidded into number 9 and I was able to stop her but she landed sitting down so she got up and I walked her out. I wondered why the judges suddenly told me to stop when in the first place they said carry on.

But in the end, because I was in a team, I came 5th anyway and BEAT MY ANNOYING LITTLE SISTER WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So that was my first show adventure!

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by: Anonymous

she was experienced!

great story!!!
by: Sydney

but HOW did you get to jump 2 ft 9 in your first show????

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