My First Horse Show

by LAhorsegirl95

A few months ago I went to my first show. I could have gone sooner but my family sold our trailer a year ago and we're looking for a new one.

But anyway, I was riding a small pony who is really terrified of ribbons and flags and stuff (because one time in a parade a color guard ran at him and scared him) but anyway, he's taught me everything about riding, and so we were taking him to a local show (hunter jumper).

First of all we took him in warm up and we did okay on the flat (considering they had about 35 riders in a relatively small ring) but then we started to warm up over fences. We had been doing a lot of desensitization with flowers and such, leading up to the show…but over fences there was one jump and every time we went over it he would take off.

Well because it was close quarters (and there were a few barns who thought they owned the place and would send one of their riders down the line while you were already going down it on one side, forcing you to pull out) my mom/trainer took me and her students out of warm up.

We decided not to put the pony in any jumping classes and just to stick with flat classes because she wanted my first show to be fun for me and for my pony and we would just stick to me schooling him more at home to get him ready for jumping at the next show. Well that was fine with me.

So they start the first jumping class and it was pretty simple with the same jumps in warm up, and all of the sudden the horse goes to that one jump that my pony kept spooking at, and he flips out, refuses, rears up and tosses his rider. So that was that, and the next rider comes in. At that same jump, her horse refused the jump then bucked over it, and took off.

This seemed to be a reoccurring event, as 5 riders were tossed at that same jump, and 7 horses refused and nearly threw their riders too.

All this time, no one from the show grounds came out to check and see what was wrong with that particular jump. Well finally after all the mishaps, right before the last rider went out to jump, one of the people on the show staff came out and inspected the jump and said “There seems to be a family of birds roosting in the jump.” (It was a cross rail with two large plants on either side.)

She didn’t do anything to get rid of the birds she just walked away and the next rider came out and was tossed at that same jump.

So the jumping did not go well but I went out and got a ribbon in every class I rode in. All were large classes and I got two seconds, one third, and one fifth.

So just as were packing it in, very satisfied with the day that seemed to be coming to a close, a friend of a friend came up and said “Well you have stirred up some drama.”

He then explained that people were outraged at my results, and that I was getting in the way of their children, who were trying to qualify for points, for year end champion.

The judge said that I had good equitation, and he couldn’t not pin me. So even though I didn’t get any blue ribbons our friend said that I probably would have if 1. I had competed in over fences, and 2. If the judges were not afraid, they would upset any people competing for points.

So I’m not trying to brag with this story, but I am very proud of myself as I have had to overcome many obstacles and fears that I have had…most of them silly stories that I am sure will make it up here on this site at one point or another.

My next show is coming up in a few weekends and my barn is suppose to be taking on, an extremely “known” barn at that particular show, and they sponsor most of the divisions and let’s just say that their riders always pin.

One of the riders also use to be a friend of mine but…she turned out to be a 100% snob, and ended up leaving our barn because my mom wouldn’t give her free services just because we were friends. So…tune in for my next dramatic chapter in this here world of horses.

By- LAhorsegirl95

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First is the Worst
by: Anonymous

Your first show really can be the worst! But it gets alot easier. I mean I had the same problem as you but now I am going to shows Every weekend!!

by: Anonymous

This one barn sponsors a lot and stinks but still bets every one. If you are really really good you win some but not a lot.

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