My First Canter

by A horsecrazy rider

This is a true story.

I woke up with an exciting feeling. Today I was going horse riding. After breakfast I got dressed and rushed downstairs. By the time my dad and sis were ready I was already in the car. We set off to Irton riding centre.

When I got there I put my helmet an and went to find Penny. My pony. She was eating out of her hay net. I took hold of her reins and led her into the arena. I mounted and we went off at a smooth trot. We went around 2 times until the riding instructor said time to canter.

I was really scared so I clung onto the saddle.We were doing the rise and trot until Pip the horse in front of me turned into a canter. I followed and I felt the breeze blowing my hair back as I did my first canter!!!

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Aug 11, 2012
by: morgyy

Your canter was better than mine. My pony is called Monty and he is really cheeky. So i trotted and then nudged him with my foot so he had to do a massive jump and nearly throw me. Then he cantered nicely around the top of my arena! ;D

Jun 15, 2012
by: Cassie

Your first canter sounded so much cooler than mine! I was in an outdoor arena, and it started raining just as I began cantering- I got soaked. Then when we slowed back down to a trot I nearly fell out of the saddle!

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