by Samantha
(Dauphin PA)

On an island off of Virginia, lives an old herd of wild ponies. They want to have a pony to their selves because when they are friends with a foal, they always have to see it get sold. They save up for it when they see that The Phantom( the pony they want) has a baby. They call her Misty. You'll have to see the movie or read the book to see the rest! :)

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Love It!
by: horsegirlmarie

I love this movie especially love Misty and Phantom (The main characters).

by: Anonymous

My fave horse movie! A few things are different from the book but its mostly the same. Personally I think its just as good as the book. Someday I hope I get to go Chincoteague. It's so pretty and I love the ponies!

I Love This Movie
by: animalsareawesome

This movie is great but it's not exactly like the book. But I love it anyway! Phantom, Misty, and Maureen are my faves. Love Horses!

best horse movie ever!!
by: horseluver43

if i had to rate this movie in a scale of one to ten it would be 1164628655939189!! did anyone know that the foal that play misty was actually black and the people had to bleach it?

by: Anonymous

It was an exciting story about the round up on assateague and them spotting the mysterious phantom. But what is trailing along beside her but a brand new colt. Will they have what it takes to keep them both? It is an exciting thriller about a boy and a girl trying to get the two horses they want.

by: Lady Horse

I have my own pony of Misty's breed. He is perfect for beginners and is amazing! I love these ponies!

Like a dream...
by: Anonymous

It's like a wild dream, but on a Movie.

hello there..
by: didia123

hello is Perl horse?

by: Anonymous

Ok I got this movie for easter and I loved it. It was actually a very accurate account of the book up until the end when they got some details wrong, easily fixable though. Only other thing would change is that the phantom didn't have her "map". I loved tho movie and it was very similar to the book!
You should definitely watch it <3

by: Alexandra

I have seen the movie a thousand times. It is soooooooooo good. A really good book and A.W.E.S.O.M.E movie. If you like horse movies and horse books this is the one you MUST have!

I want to watch it!!!
by: Love the book

I read the book. It was AWESOME! I loved it (and I still do...). It's about this mare called Phantom and she has a foal. It's the pony roundup time and the people of Chincoteague caught the foal and it's dam. A boy bought both the horses and they bonded fast. I borrowed the book from my school library. P.S: If you want to borrow it, come over to Singapore. ;p

misty is the best!!!!!!!!
by: kayla

i read the book. where is it?

i want to see
by: Anonymous

i totaly WANT TO SEEEEEEEE misty. i am a horse crazy person, im soo horse crazy and animal crazy that i practically live on a farm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have 2 horses, 6 geni hens, 2 cats and a dog german sheperd that is a puppy.

by: Anonymous

this movie is good but sad.

by: Anonymous

This movie is cute but cheezy! :)

by: Ashley

ILI stands for I love it! Best movie ever!

True Story!
by: Anonymous

I loved the books and the Breyer models, and the movie was even better! I love when the directors stick to the book, it makes it twice as good! They did a good job matching all the horses except one, Misty's dam, Phantom. But all in all, it's a great movie!

Looks brilliant!
by: Anonymous

I've read books by the author of "Misty" ("White Stallion of Lipizza" was mind-blowing) and loved them. This looks great. My own horse looks an awful lot like Misty - she just has a stripe where Misty has a star!

by: Jessica

I've read the book and want to see the movie

Never saw this movie
by: Anonymous

I never saw this movie but it sounds alright and
there's this miniature pony (it's tiny) at my stables called Misty and she's so cute!

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