Miniatures are "bad"??!?

by Andie

Okay, I really want a mini horse for me to break/project, and once hes broke my sister with special needs will use him as a lead pony. I can get one free from one of my friends, hes halter broke and ready for training, but people keep telling me not to. That they bite and destroy fences.

I have a barbed wire/plank fence, and I do not let my horses get away with anything. I think im ready and can do the job. I think minis are easier to control from the ground and will do just fine, especially for my sister. (she has rett syndrome, a disease only in girls, she cant talk, but we are lucky she can walk.

She broke her hip and almost didn't walk again.) but she has done therapy before, and I do have a lead pony, but hes 13 hands and a lil tall to be holding on to my 70 lb sister if she falls off. (she never has and prob wont, but my mom is a worry-wart.) my dad wants one and we will do his hooves and vaccinations ourselves.

I just want to know if they are as "terrible" as some people say.

Please comment. Thanks!

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Jan 31, 2017
No way
by: MKrider

Minis have huge personalities! They can be sassy, sweet, shy, bold...

Dec 17, 2016
Mini Friend
by: Macy

Are you kidding, I have 4 minis and they are the best of friends anyone could ask for! With proper care minis are really fun! Only thing I suggest is don't let them get away with anything!

Dec 02, 2014
No no no no
by: Alyssa the horse gentler

They are fun.... a lot of fun it would make a great horse!!!!

Nov 12, 2014
Miniature horses
by: Devyn

Miniature horses make great pets. I have a mini mare and two mini fillies, so I know.
I don't think any mini would destroy a wire fence.
Although, do not use cider fencing for minis.
We made that mistake and our minis chewed it to pieces!
And if you want to get a miniature as a kids horse, I would recommend a gelding 34-38 inches tall. The reason I recommended a gelding is because mares can be stubborn and sometimes want to be the boss. And also, don't get a stud colt or a stallion.
I hoped this info helped. :)

-Devyn age 12

May 22, 2013
by: Maddie

Well, there IS a difference from miniature ponies to miniature horses. I own two miniature horses and they are awesome! But you have to be a certain weight as my brother used to want to ride him but he was too heavy. As for the damage, I guess it would just depend on it's personality/attitude but mine don't hurt anyone or do any damage. They also get along really well with my sheep (even the lambs that unfortunately died a week ago :(.

Feb 23, 2013
by: Bree

Mini pony can be a bit stubborn at times, just what ever you do don't get a colt or a stallion. i made a mistake on getting a colt now he is a fully grown stallion that is pushy and mini's shouldn't be ridden at all.

Jan 07, 2013
...good luck
by: Anonymous

are you even supposed to ride miniatures? i would look it up if i were you, and make sure your sister wouldn't be too heavy.
If this is all okay, you should visit the horse, and get to know it. Make sure that the horse is able to do what you need him?her to do, but you probably know what to do, anyway (; good luck, and i hope it goes your way xxx

Dec 13, 2012
by: PineView Haven Farm

Minnis are not bad or dangerous, I own nine of them and they don't destroy fences or hurt people. If someone tries to ride them and the take off it's for two reasons, 1. the person is too big to ride them, you know, only little kids can ride them, and 2. they might not be saddle broken or even broken to ride. The only bad thing minnis can do is fight with another minni if they don't like that minni. One of my minnis is a wild child but when I put a halter on him, he's amazing and doesn't do anything, really minnis don't do anything bad so if you get one, you have nothing to worry about. One more thing, you should get a minni gelding because they are much more calm but make sure he is broken to ride.

Sep 25, 2012
you may have a point
by: reina

you may have a point, but I have heard true stories of things about minis like my moms friend had one when she was young and it would always lay down in running water with her friend on it.

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