Lover of Horses!

by Haley

I love horses because they are kind and gentle creatures. I also love horses because when I was about 5 years old I was deathly afraid of them but that changed and I just instantly started to love them like I was never afraid of horses!

Ever since then I've ridden horses and I groom them all the time. I usually use my grandma's but I sometimes go to one of my friend's house to groom and ride her horse. This probably doesn't have to do with why I love horses but I really want my own horse one day!

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Wow thx! soo much ^_^
by: Haley

LoL! I'm super glad that people don't think I'm a baby. I'm also glad to know that some people can relate to me and I'm 11 too. Turned 11 on October 6th ^_^

Meeeeeee 222222222222!
by: Clare

I love your passion!!

I love horses 2!!!!!
by: claudia

I like your story. When I first started to ride I wasn't confident. Now I'm 11 and I'm not scared of horses anymore. In fact I am horse crazy now!!!

by: Sarah S.

When I was little I fell off a horse two times and got scared to even go near a horse. But when I got older it started to fade. I am 11 and I am still a little scared but my confidence is coming back!

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