I have an Arabian horse..of all my horses he is my fav.! i have a palomino, Oldenburg, and 3 thoroughbreds...and much more at the barn i plan on adopting another horse from the SPCA or another shelter for horses,i think its really nice how a lot of the money does to the other horses in need..anyways my show story is about this show i did when i was showing in short stirrup div. (im a hunter jumper) i work with my horse 6 days a week and we were definitely ready to show i came off my 4th jump and i lost my balance and fell on my horses neck,i could feel he wanted my off but he didn't stop cantering he kept going (but not as fast)i got my balance back and i thank him every day cuz' he just never let me down

i would also like to say R.I.P. Mystical and Tory u girls lay too rest next too each other.We will ride again someday <3
-ily girls

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by: Christina

Do you love me too? lol.

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