Lets Ride! Friends Forever

by Keira

This is a cool game because you can really have a horse of your own!

You get to choose from 15 different horses, build a strong bond with your horse as you feed, groom and exercise, keep your own secret diary recording all your feelings & experiences, compete for a blue ribbon and enter your horse in beauty contests.

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Jul 06, 2015
Pretty Good
by: Emma

This game is really fun. But it takes forever to clean the the horse's coat until you get the coat shiner. And you have to complete all the competitions to get the park open and to get the mayor to rebuild the bridge. But the last competition is REALLY REALLY hard. Because you can't gallop through the jump tournament's course and if you canter through the course you can't jump the jumps. So I'm kind of finding the last jump course really really impossible to get first place. But other than that this game is pretty fun. Mostly focused on grooming and caring for the horse. So I'd really recommend this game to anyone who really likes caring for a horse intensely.

Jan 01, 2015
by: A awesome friend

As you were all wondering.... I myself okay with this wonderful game.
I raised a grey draft horse and I got to ride my beautiful stallion when we were on day 9, age 3.
So there u have it. Day nine.
Don't wait out the entire day, just end the day early.
I didn't know u could do that until I read the comments.
Click on the day and just end it early!

Dec 26, 2013
How do u...
by: How?

RIDE THE HORSE?!?? i always go to jump contests and i can't get on my horse so then... I CAN'T JUMP WITH THE HORSE! please help me!

Sep 11, 2013
by: Hannah

I bought the game, but later sold it again for only R30! I didn't really care I just hated it. It is so boring! I WOULDN'T recommend this game as there are many other much more fun horse games out there. In my experience the only fun game is a horse game, but certainly not this one! Star Stable even being a free member (no star rider membership, which means you can basically do nothing fun) Is 100 times more fun than this! Enjoyed it for a while, but then, woah, I had to give it up and try for a better game! Free online horse games are even more fun.

¬ Hannah Matthews (Source) : Experience, opinions

Sep 05, 2013
how do i..
by: Barrel racer for life 12

how do i put a bandage on my horse????? please comment.

Aug 16, 2013
by: Anonymous

it wont let me put my normal saddle blanket or my bridle or my saddle on but it will let me put like meadow blankets and an indian blanket but not my saddle ,blanket or bridle! but other than that i love the game!

Jun 10, 2013
by: Anonymous

I got the game about a month ago, and in this entire time of gameplay, I STILL haven't gotten to getting to ride the horse. It's still a foal. This game is annoying, don't buy it. It's really boring and there's no fun to it. The graphics are terrible, and the gameplay is so confusing!

Apr 08, 2013
First time
by: Anonymous

It's my first time to play this game, I don't know how to clean stable. I need help! When I put new hay on floor and remove old, stable is still dirty. Help me!

Nov 12, 2012
Great Game, Read if Having Troubles
by: Anonymous

This game is really fun! It has zero glitches if you actually physically purchase or order it from a store and put the disk into your computer. From all of the glitches, it's mostly from downloading it. It works fine if you buy it with the disk ;D
As for getting your horse to jump, press the space bar wile going fast.
Your horse has to be a certain age to ride, which I forget now.

The only problem I've had, is when I was playing it and someone turned the breaker switch off, and I didn't know. So the power turned off were I was, corrupting one of my horse's game data. I cant play on that horse's file anymore, but that was a real life fault, and not the games.

Oct 30, 2012
When does it end?!
by: Anonymous

When does the game end?! It's like FOREVER!!!!!!!!

Oct 19, 2012
by: Liz

Why can't i ride my horse????

Oct 04, 2012
helpppp i need someone
by: Anonymous

i bought a blanket and can u help me find it pls..

Jul 24, 2012
Not compatible with Windows 7 or Vista
by: Anonymous

I bought this as a $19.99 download after using up the 1-hour trial. The trial worked fine, but after paying for the full version it gave errors and crashed. I was told by customer support that it was written on, and for, the XP operating system and that I should try it in XP compatibility mode on Vista which didn't work. I ended up getting a refund, which was nice.

Jul 03, 2012
by: Anonymous

I have let's ride friends forever, how do you make the horse jump or even get on? Where do I get instructions on how to play? This is soooo frustrating!

Jul 03, 2012
Can You Breed Your Horses?
by: Anonymous

I have this game and I like it but I was wondering if you have a mare can you breed your horse? My mare just turned 3.

Jun 11, 2012
by: Anonymous

best game ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Apr 19, 2012
help me plz
by: Anonymous


Apr 10, 2012
by: Anonymous

Why waste your time playing horse video games. Why not actually ride them!

Mar 24, 2012
lets ride
by: Anonymous

I beat the the game but can you ride with someone like it shows on the box.

Jan 18, 2012
by: Anonymous

Annoying. have to wait forever before you can actually ride the horse, yes that's real life but this is a game, I don't want to wait.

Once I get so far, at this one competition my horse can NEVER make the jump and when he messes up the game closes, every time. Thus I can never get any farther.

Otherwise I like most things on the game, thus giving it 3 stars.

Oct 22, 2011
not so much
by: Im@$uper$t@r

i don't like it as much as sliver buckle stables.

Sep 25, 2011
its ok but......
by: silver buckle stables

i have silver buckle stables. it's not really fun, there's pretty much nothing to do in that game but ride around and do competitions. i kinda put a thumbs down for silver buckle stables. sorry....

Sep 16, 2011
Dear Very Fustrated Person,
by: Anonymous

To train for jumping shows, you simply ride out in the fields and jump random things, like the shadows of the trees, and you will see your horses power increase. To have the bridge fixed, yes you do have to win a jumping tournament on like day 30-50. I can't remember the exact day I won the tournament, I think it was a beauty contest, and one of my rewards was the bridge was finally fixed! I have one horse named Beauty on this game that's like 13 or 14 years old!

Aug 08, 2011
how to go 2 jumping shows
by: Anonymous

to get to a horse jumping show you must raise your horse! its that simple and you raise your horse by doing everything it needs and then ending the day.

Aug 07, 2011
by: Anonymous

AND WE love it! it is a real fun game except its not that fun anymore. i want a game that you could ride around catching wild horses and you could breed and you horse can have babies. i'm getting a game like that 2morrow!

Jul 19, 2011
Can you tell me?
by: Cool!

In silver buckle stables, can you tell me where the secret waterfall is?!!!! I have it and have ridden EVERYWHERE and I never saw it. Thanks!

Jul 19, 2011
How do you...
by: Very frustrated

I am getting SUPER frustrated! The instructions say to be able to go to the jumping shows, you have to train, but whenever I go, it is a beauty show training. How do you train for the show jumping contests? I want to fix the bridge and be able to go behind the walls, but you have to win show jumping contests! Ugg!

Jun 25, 2011
How to End the Day Early
by: Anonymous

Somebody left a comment saying that they wished there was a way to end the day. Well, there is. At the bottom of the left hand side of the screen, it tells you what day it is. If you click it, you can end the day on your own.

Jun 11, 2011
please help
by: Help

Will someone tell me if this game is worth paying for it? I have 5 horses of my own and i really love horses. I wanna know if i should buy this or not.

Jun 11, 2011
Good game
by: Anonymous

The game is very fun! Yes you can speed up days by clicking on the clock and it will ask you if you want to end the day.......The only thing i don't like about this game is that the show jumping courses are waaaaay to hard and ridiculous!
But overall the game is very good! I do recommend it!

May 30, 2011
by: Anonymous

the game is ok not too great graphics are good its not a waste to buy it i recommend it for CRASeeEE horseloverzzzzzZ like MEH!!!!!

May 25, 2011
Too Long
by: Anonymous

Not the best. When I got this game I was so excited, but it really was a disappointment. My least favorite part about it is that the days are way too long and once you groom and ride your horse for a while there is nothing to do except wait. If there was a way to speed up the time, it would be great.

May 01, 2011
Not Let's Rides Best Game
by: Nicole

When I was younger I used to LOVE the "Lets Ride" games. However I have to say, this one disappointed me. You can only own one horse, the barn is not very realistic looking, and the horses look a lot like cows to me. The graphics are poor and the interaction with the horse is limited. I do not recommend this one. Maybe for much younger equine game enthusiasts, but not the older players.

Jan 22, 2011
Some Help!
by: Bre

Some help would be that before you enter a competition make sure all the meters on your horses mood, heath, hunger and how well he gets along with you are green.

For jumping go to the fair grounds and practice the course a lot so that you memorize it and know where you might have an issue controlling your horse and can get through that on show day.

As you win 1st place in competitions it will start to unlock all the different places and fix the bridge so you can go explore the new places.

I hope this helps!!!

Jan 21, 2011
wish i had
by: awesomeness

wow u make it sound so fun! i've been looking for this game for a while now and i'm working my way to get it!!! it sounds really fun :D

Jan 13, 2011
Never played it
by: Anonymous

I have lets ride silver buckle stables, its easy enough but i also have Lets ride Riding star-its pretty hard, you start a career as an eventer, and you first choose one horse-showjumping, dressage, or cross-country. show jumpers are Hanoverian's, Dressage Oldenburg's &cross country AQH. u train ur horse til its competition ready, then show it. if you get in the top 3 in finishing score, you get another horse. same w/ ur second horse. Cross country is the hardest, though. Dressage performs Passage's and extended, collected, & medium gates.

Dec 06, 2010
Never played it
by: Bettie

I have Lets Ride Silver Buckle Stables and its sooo fun!!! You get to have up to 4 horses and customize them from mane and body colors to tail and mane length. You can put bows on the tail and pick from I think 6 saddles and 9 blankets. You also compete in shows to earn buckles, hearts for your horse and new horses. Oh, there's even a secret waterfall.. I can tell you where!!

Nov 16, 2010
by: Foal

I wish I could have that game. I REALLY want a horse or pony. I just don't have enough money for one.

Well, bye for now!!!!!!!

Sep 09, 2010
by: Anonymous

I can't get through the wall at all! Any other tips??

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