Keep the hope!

by Amanda

Haha okay, right now I ride this gorgeous bay quarter horse/mustang mix name KitKat and we do 4-h. I enjoy showing and I think Kit does too except I'm a novice and she's a green horse...really green.

Now don't yell at me about that being an awful combo, I've heard it from everyone at my barn already. Anyways we are great at in hand classes... showmanship's best but kit freaks in riding classes.

The first show ever she reared slightly and though I stayed on I scratched the class for fear of hurting the other riders. The second show Kit got in the ring and no matter what I did she wouldn't move. Then Kits' owner pulled us from the rest of our classes.

The third one she reared and crow-hopped and kicked and was deemed a safety issue and I scratched. It bothered me that she'd do this because she's much better at home.

So the people at my barn put on a mock show and we all competed and believe it or not Kit and I made it through a riding class! Now I'm not saying it'll last but if I can get through one riding class I'm sure y'all can too.

We cowgirls gotta stick together.

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by: Julianna

Awwww...that's too bad. It sounds like your horse had an off day, it wasn't your fault. :) But you're right, we cowgirls should stick together. Even though I don't do Western.

by: lucinda

right we should:)

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