Java Problems? A Solution

by Sydneys Mom

If you are having trouble with Java, I found this possible fix in the My Horse Club forum. I'd recommend you read this and ask your parents to assist:

Java allows you to play online games, chat with people around the world and view images in 3D on the Internet.

Some PC's and Laptops are sold loaded with 'OEM versions' of software which are a customised version. It's a way of making the laptop 'ready to go' without having the full software loaded.

What this means is that sometimes you will encounter a message advising that you need to upgrade your Java software because an OEM version of Java is installed. Even if you update or install Java, it is generally the original OEM version which is lauched by default. This is a Java bug, not an issue with MyHorseClub.

If you have an OEM version of Java installed on your computer (from the time you bought it) You should uninstall it completely. Then, once all is completely clean, install the “normal” version of Java from the Sun Microsystems website. It should fix a lot of issues for players.

Here is the link:

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