Horsing Around Birthday Party

by Sierra

We had a horse themed party, horse plates, horse cups, horse napkins, etc. We played fun horse games, like Horseopoly, and Herd Your Horses.

I got grooming tools, a saddle, and finally, a pony! My cake had a horse on it too.

And better yet, we had it in my friend's indoor arena. After having the cake, we all went out for a trail ride.

On the trail ride we walked, trotted, cantered, galloped, swam, and jumped.

Super fun!!

The pony I rode was named Ginger and after we got off and were cooling them out, they said that she was mine. I was so happy!

When we got inside we watched a whole bunch of horse movies and stayed up all night! The movies that we watched were Dreamer, Spirit, Black Beauty, Black Stallion, and Racing Stipes. My favorite was Dreamer.

The other smaller stuff that I got for my birthday from my friends were Horsez2 for DS, the movie Long Shot, a lead rope, a halter, a subscription to Young Rider magazine, and a t-shirt saying "A Cowgirl's Place Is On Her Horse".

This was the best birthday party I have ever had!

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