Horsey Highlights 2011!!

by Lara

First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!! May 2012 be a downhill breeze (or gallop) for you all :)
Right, I basically made this to share 2011 highlights and for you to share your own in the comments box.

Well, I started riding this really lazy and uncooperative pony called Tuscany early 2011, and in a few months of riding him weekly I turned him right around. When I first rode him, it took all of my strength to get him into a trot. Now, we are flying over jumps and I have discovered he has a really lovely canter :D

Of course, he was born lazy and no one can really change that- he still plays up and throws in last minute refusals, but I am very happy with what I have accomplished in this short space of time. Now he is my ultra-favourite pony and I wouldn't change him for a forward going rocket of a pony anyday!! Love you Tusc <3
<3 xx

So yeah, that's basically my biggest highlight. I have generally improved a lot as a rider, thanks to lots of horses along the way.
My confidence has improved a lot, especially in riding fast (cantering and galloping) and in jumping too.

Summer 2010 had knocked my confidence right down, because of a few nasty falls with a loan pony. I started riding at Old Northwick Stables in November to build my confidence up, and in just a year I am so much more confident! because my loan pony had bolting problem, I was terrifed of even cantering in a lesson in the arena. And the riding school I was at at that time was certainly not afraid of getting us to jump high! Don't get me wrong, it was a great riding school with great ponies & instructors but not rigt for me at the time. So just wanna say a BIG thanks to Old Northwick, the best instructor in the world -Ione- and the best ponies ever!!!! Especially Tuscany xxx

So yes, 2011 has actually been quite good for me, give or take a few bumps and lumps. But a fresh start is always good!

Happy new year all my fellow horsey friends, and let 2011 be filled with fun and horses!

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