Horses are hard working animals

by Jaide
(Aust, Rckhampton)

Hi my name is jaide and i recone that horses are hard working animals. All there life they have been serving us people and some horses are lovely to us and serve us with respect. As you can probably tell im a horse lover and always have and always well and people how are crule and mean to horses then wake up and treat then with respect i am certen they will give the respect right back!!
If you are also a horse lover then check out my website at:
And help me get through to other selves people and mack the world a better place


Note from Sydney's mom: we are happy to link to your website Jaide but it looked like you gave us an email address not a website. We cannot publish girls email addresses due to privacy laws in the US.

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Jan 10, 2010
by: Anonymous

plz help me the code is not sending

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