Stop Horse Slaughter!

S.1176 - American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act of 2011

Warning! This page may not be appropriate for young readers. If you are under 13, please ask your parents to read it first.

No horse deserves to die in a slaughterhouse, often to be used for animal food. A bill introduced into Congress, S.1176 - American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act of 2011, by Senator Mary Landrieu, D-LA with 16 cosponsors, would end it in the U.S. but most importantly, stop horses from being sent to Mexico or Canada where they are often cruelly killed for horsemeat.

Senator Landrieu is a horsecrazy girl herself! In her press release she says, "As a lifelong horse lover and rider, this practice is appalling to me, and more importantly, the majority of Americans oppose it.”

"We raise and train horses to trust us, perform for us, and allow us on their backs, and as such, they deserve to be treated with human compassion.

"When horse owners are faced with the sad reality of having to put their animals down, it should be by humane euthanasia.

"I intend to work with Senator Lindsey Graham, from South Carolina, and my other colleagues to get this bill passed and permanently end the slaughter of our American horses."

Can you imagine these beautiful animals traveling miles only to have their lives ended in such a horrible way? Although many of us are too young to vote, we can share this with our parents, riding instructors, and those who are old enough to vote.

Please help! We need to show elected officials in Washington that we care about this issue, and encourage them to vote to make it a law.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Share this article using the Facebook or Twitter buttons below, or forward it to a friend by email.
  • Go to Open where you can show your support for the bill*.
  • Write to your Representative in Congress a letter or email and tell them why you support this legislation!*

Then tell us what you are doing below. (While I love to hear your comments about this issue, the very best thing you can do is to share your comments with your Congressional Representative and Senators. It’s easy! They all have websites where you can share your thoughts with them.)

C’mon horsecrazygirls. Let’s stand up for the horses!


*If you are under 13, you must ask your parents to help you with this.

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