Help with Flicka

by Haleigh
(United States)

Okay, so recently my parents bought a 15hhish quarter horse mare named Flicka for me. She's incredibly gentle and sweet when you're not riding her, but as soon as you get on her she tries to rear or won't move till we kick her. I've tried so hard with her, and yes, I love her, but she isn't working.

I'm not going to sell her-- I love her too much!-- but she's been really strange. When I rode her before we bought her about four months ago she was smooth and good in the arena and trails.

I tried to work her many times, but it's not working.

Please no harsh comments. I've been riding for 5 years, and Flicka is eight herself and completely tame. I just want help.

Thank you!

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May 13, 2016
by: Anonymous

I agree with Alyssa the horse gentler! Horses are very careful about their surroundings. Maybe Flicka doesn't know what's going on yet.

Dec 01, 2014
new place?
by: Alyssa the horse gentler

Okay are you riding her in a different place than before? If so she misses that place if not get to know her better!

Dec 15, 2012
help with flicka
by: jaimie

My horse looks like that. try getting someone to lead her while someone's on nudging with their legs. Also try the tack she may breath if you don't know what that is, it's a horse holding its breath then letting it out to make the inch less tight. Maybe a whip will help but don't whip her tap lightly. Other than that i'm stumped. Good luck.

Jul 31, 2012
I know what your going through
by: Anonymous

My quarter horse Dodger did the exact same thing when I bought him. What I had to do with him was establish that I was the boss. I would first check your tack and call the vet like many others have suggested but if all is good there then you need to establish that you are the boss. On the ground she is a sweet heart because you aren't asking her to work while riding a different scenario. After Flicka understands that you are the boss most likely she will get back to the horse that you thought you bought, good on the trail and all. It worked for Dodgey and I and currently he is doing very well. I have even taught him how to neck rein and he has gone from spending the whole ride bucking and rearing to not doing either at all. He hasn't done it for over a year now. I hope that helps you and good luck with Flicka.

Jul 24, 2012
Ground work, etc
by: Sara

Hi Haileigh! did you ever consider trying this with your horse. lunging/free lunging? or checking to make sure the sadle fits correctly, or checking her bridle? also, you might want to check if she's showing any signs of back or mouth pain, and if so, you should get a vet in to check it. hope that helps. :)

Jul 02, 2012
by: Anonymous

Have you made sure the saddle fits correctly? If it does maybe you should have a vet check her back. She might be in some kind of discomfort.

Jun 22, 2012
Might Help!
by: Eventing Star

Hey! Ok... check and see if the tack fits correctly. If it doesn't it might make her behave this way. Also have her vet check her. Oh... since it's a mare she might be in heat and this is way she is acting this way. My mare I use to have would bolt, buck, rear and kick when she was in heat. Hope this helps!

Jun 21, 2012
Ground Work!
by: Katie

I was watching a guy work with horses like this on tv and I have done these things with my horse. My horse would just try to move when you first got on and just overall didn't really want to work and wasn't balanced, wouldn't canter.... blah, blah, blah:) I have learned the hard way that usually the ground work before you get on is the key. before you get on, take out her hindquarters, make her move but only where you want her to go. After she stands really calmly try to get on her. If you get on her and she rears, get off and make her move again taking out her hindquarters and backing her up as well. Eventually she will learn that it is easier to just listen to you than to rear. As far as getting her to move, have a crop in your hand. I know sometimes my mare won't move and just seeing a crop in my hand scares her and makes her move:) Hope this helps!

Jun 21, 2012
Hi there Haleigh
by: Unicorn

Flicka sounds great! Quarter Horses are very handsome. How often do you work her? I am very puzzled as to the sudden change after you bought her. Have you tried lunging her? The only thing I can think is that she is dominating you and just doing whatever she likes, in which case you need to be really strict. This doesn't mean beating her up, it just means being gentle and firm, and not letting her get away with anything. Discipline is a necessary evil, in my experience.
Did you change her saddle or bit, and is she showing signs of pain in her mouth or back? Did you change her feed significantly? I'm just trying to think of things that may have changed when you got her.
I would strongly recommend consulting an experienced professional. I know they're expensive, but in many cases, they're worth every penny.

Good luck!

Jun 20, 2012
Me 2
by: Lexi

I have been having the same problem with my horse Lollipop!! She is sooooooo sweet when i'm not on her back. I recommend doing long lunging sessions with her (about 20-30 minutes). I wish you all the luck with Flicka!!!

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