HELP I am scared of jumping!

by Jazz
(Goulburn, Australia)

Last weekend we were practicing 30 cm jumps in the round yard when the horse suddenly turned and I fell off! (If you have fallen off at canter you would know how much it hurts!)

After that fall I am scared of getting back on and jumping, if i can't jump I can't fulfill my dream of being a world class show jumper....

Please could someone give me some tips...

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my story
by: Manowar

I have fallen off over 2ft jumps and I was scared, but I went and trotted over some poles and cross rails for a while before moving back to higher jumps. Get back on and overcome your fears! Good luck!

Try again!
by: Bethany

Trying again is always the best solution. I've fallen off during a canter over a jump, as my pony refused it, but all you must do is clear your mind and take a deep breath. Even if it means lowering the fence.
Try it again at trot if you like. Normally I do that if I'm slightly set back. Then gradually increase to a canter and just keep rising up that jump until it's the height you fell off at.

What helped me was the saying "You learn from your mistakes", and also the fact it was a good idea to take things slowly.

My point is:
Try again!

get back on!
by: Anonymous

start again so walk first for a few lessons, then go onto trot, after a slow canter and be ready for anything also try get a confident quiet experienced horse to build up your confidence then go on to trot poles and then small jumps about half a foot high then onto one foot and then start higher.

by: Julianna

I know how you feel, I fell at a canter. Just try harder next time: You can't ride over your problems, you have to ride through them!!

I know what you mean
by: Carrigan

my pony did the same thing to me, I was cantering over a cross rail, (she over jumped it) and I fell onto her shoulder, she took off at a gallop and I slammed into the boards! It took me a while before I could jump again, I had to find a confident experienced horse, not young and crazy. I knew I could do it and he could do it. Everyone falls, its a part of riding, you only make it worse and you don't hop back on.

Get back on!
by: Maureen

The same thing happened to me! I was riding a stubborn horse and I told myself that I would not let the horse get away with that and got back on (the horse had bucked me off in mid air). When I got back on, I was nervous, but I did it.

You should get back on and jump! You can try trotting over poles to get your confidence back but remember that everybody falls off at some point if they ride for sport, and remember to wear a helmet just in case!

by: Jazz

hey thanks for the tips i got on a quiet horse on Saturday and had heaps of fun! i can't even believe i considered not riding again!!!!
Thanks :D :D :D :D

you can do it!
by: jakiebabe

If you still have the dream of being a world class jumper then you must still have the want to ride. I think the best thing to do is get on right after you fall, unless your hurt. Since you didn't do that find a horse you trust and that will help you even if your scared. Then just walk, trot, lope. do whatever you feel comfortable doing. It will be scary but you have to get back on. just remember all the fun you had when riding. Don't think about the fall when you get on or you will be more nervous. Also get on an easy- going horse. if you get on a stubborn horse, they will feel your scared and will get away with everything, because you don't want to get hurt. Just get back an don't worry, if you still want to be a world champion jumper, you still want to ride! good luck!!!

Sources: my personal experiences!

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