by missy

for the past few days I'd spent all my time with my horse grooming, washing, riding and everything my horse even had it's hooves done. We practised and practised until my horse got it perfect.

On the day when i went to the show i was doing show jumping and when the judge spoke out of the micro phone starlight bucked and reared his way around the ring until i fell off. The judge came over and picked me up and asked if i was ok i said yeah but when i went back to go and get my horse she was gone!!!

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this doesnt make sense!
by: Anonymous

in your story you say that HE bucked HIS way around the arena and then later on you say that you couldn't find HER. sorry just needed to point that out (no meanness intended :)) but i hope you found your horse again because sometimes horses do that when they are in the ring and jump over the ring boundary. so i hope you found her again.

by: Anonymous

ok I'm the same person from the other one about Arabians, but that's a stallion, not a mare!

by: Anonymous

ok first things first, that pic. is on google images!! and even if you did have that horse, its a purebred Arabian, and they can't jump that good. I mean im not saying non of them can, but mostly they are cross bred Arabians. And another thing your at a horse show, there are a lot of horsey people around, they would catch your horse for you.

That's not your horse!
by: Anonymous

I saw that picture on Google Images! That's not your horse!!

by: Horselover

I hope you and your horse are okay.. and did you find her??

that should not happen
by: Anonymous pony

I was once at a horse show and the commentator was from a farm competing in the show and the people who were going to beat the people at his yard got shouted at by the mic and scared the life out of other horses!

by: Anonymous

That's awful! I hope you have a better experience next time! When you are practicing before the show have some music playing or someone talking really loud. DO NOT talk loud sternly, talk friendly loud, your horse might think you are being mean to it.

Hope this helps!

by: Anonymous

have you still got her? Oh dear!!!

by: Nicole

What a show!! What happened to your horse??? Did you get a re-try??? Were you okay??? I hope your next show is better!!!
Good Luck,

Horse Show problems
by: Sydney

Oh no! It sounds like a crazy show. I hope you and your horse were OK. And I hope he gets over the fear of the microphone!

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