Bruno's Mystery Illness

by Rayna
(Mesa, AZ, USA)



I sat in the chair, as the guilt ate away at me. I could feel my stomach do summer salts, and I gripped my chair. Suddenly a tall woman wearing a gray suit and black heeled shoes sat down in the black leather chair next to me. She peered down at a magazine that was in her lap. I studied her face. It was crisp and clean, and there wasn't a wrinkle to be found. She had incredibly long eyelashes, and a light coat of makeup on. Her hair had been pulled back in a tight bun, and a little purple clip kept her bangs back. Suddenly she turned her attention to me, and I saw that her eyes were violet. I immediately looked down.

"Excuse me, Are you Ally Renae?" She asked. Her voice was quiet and very sweet-almost calm.

"Yes." I mumbled looking up.

"Oh! I'm your councilor, and you can call me Britney, or if you want you may also call me Ms. Taylor."

"Ms.?" I thought about my father, who had been looking for a date for the past year,ever since mom died when I was 9, he had felt very lonely. I could, for some reason, picture dad and Ms. Taylor together.

"Yes Ms. Taylor." The woman stood up. "Come follow me into my office, and we can talk."
I followed her, and realized I REALLY didn't want to talk to a councilor.

Ms. Taylor led me into a small purple room with a couple of chairs and a big desk. The room was very plain, and so was the desk and chairs.

"It's not much, but I still love it." She smiled. "Please, sit down." She pointed to a small leather squishy chair in front of her desk.

"Okay, so I realize you have been going through a lot, ever since your mom,and that you may be very frustrated, and you may miss her. So I understand why you did what you did." she said as she read a packet of papers.

I listened intently as I stared at the papers.

"Can you please tell me your side of the story?" She asked. I opened my mouth to speak, but a lump had formed. I held up a finger then cleared my throat.

"Rachelle's a pig." I pointed out trying to sound professional and smart. Like those scientists do on TV. My smile faded when I looked at Ms. Taylor's frowning face.

"Fine." I mumbled resting my head in my hands. "Rachelle said she was better than me, and I said 'I beg to differ' and she said, 'Ya. you do differ-from everyone in the world!' then her stupid posy started laughing and saying I'm a bug, so I said 'Go to a salon, or at least wear a bald cap, your hair looks like a gorilla attacked it.' Then she glared at me and said 'I bet you got your hideous facial features from your mom!' And that ticked me off, so I punched her in the nose and pushed her on the ground. Then I was sent to the office and now I'm here."

Ms. Taylor had been listening and taking notes, then she looked at me and said,"I would have done the same."

I slightly gasped at that then said,"Seriously?"

"Well Duh! If somebody insulted my mother, I would have done the same! Maybe even more!" She replied smiling at me. "But, I probably shouldn't say that, because I'm trying to help you control your anger." She laughed a little-I frowned.
She went over the prospects of ignoring those brats that we come across,and juts walking away and letting it go, although I didn't listen at all. My mind my fixed on my only friend, my horse named Bruno. Before I had left for school, and luckily today was the last day, he had been acting a bit strange. He was walking all weird as if he was drunk. He was also sweating a bit and he was leaning against his stall door.When I had tried to coax him over, he had juts lay down and looked kind of strangely up at me.

"Hello?" Ms. Taylor asked.

"Oh, sorry I was thinking about-" I began. I cut myself short and shuffled my feet on the floor.
"About what? You can tell me anything." Ms. Taylor put her very warm hands on my freezing cold ones.

"My horse Bruno... He's been acting kind of weird. I bet it's nothing." I assured her.

"Like what?" She was suddenly very serious.

"Well, he acted like he was drunk or something..and he was having trouble walking...He was also sweating and staring off into space." I looked down and frowned a bit. Why did I trust this Ms. Taylor so much? A sudden gasp sent my attention to her. She had pulled out her laptop and was apparently reading something.

"Ally... Your horse is very sick."


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