Bouncin' Barrelbelly Birthdays

by Victoria

My!!! This water is cold!!! Okay, I'll admit it is fun...

My!!! This water is cold!!! Okay, I'll admit it is fun...

This party is for ponies who need a change from eating hay every day!

For a pony's birthday, he or she must have a barrel belly, in other words, fat.

Any number of guests may come, they being close friends with the pony.

Games consist of games involving food. The pony does the games because: 1, they like to eat; 2, they get into the spirit; and 3, if they don't do it you make them do it. (Recommended only for extremely stubborn ponies)

Games suggested for normally fat ponies are Carrot Jumping, where you throw a carrot into the air and the pony has to catch it in midair(You might like to practice this one so you can win it even if there is only one pony attending).

Another suggestion is Apple'n'Carrot stretches where the pony stretches his neck around to get to the food. But the frequent playing of these games at parties doesn't mean that they are the most popular games. Usually, the games most popular are the ones you make up yourself! And only you know how to play, so how lucky are you?

Invitations are specially engraved on carrots or apples.

There are two sections of the party - dismounted games and ridden games. Ridden games are more like a gymkhana or Pony Club. Make up your own versions if you like!

Any games played must be fair for the horse! If he can't jump very well, consider this and try another variation! If he is scared and doesn't know what to do, it's okay! It's not the end of the world...

You, as the party host, get to pick out the very best games and food. Make sure your horse is comfy!

Decorations need to consist of a stable, yard or paddock layout. If it is a terrific day, hold the party outside! You would include balloons as well, draw on them fitting pictures for your party!

Just to keep this party idea fair, and not just for barrelbelly ponies, you can actually not include barrelbellies... Well it is definitely up to you decide.

Hope you have fun with the party! Remember, it is up to you what you do in the party, and that both you and your horse are having a ripper of a time.

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Jul 30, 2011
by: Anna M.

That must have been quite fun! I'd like to do that with my horse as well!

Jul 26, 2011
by: Emily

Just joking! I like the name for the fat ponies... Bouncin' Barrelbellies! Well I might just think that the pony up the top is fat. And he is playing in the water. Is that counted as a game?

Jul 26, 2011
bratty but Very Cute!
by: Evangeline

one of the stubborn ponies i ride can actually get out of his halter-just for an alfalfa cube! he's so fat i might just give them to him for not trying to get out of his halter!!!

Jul 20, 2011
by: Anonymous

I like the games, I might use them for my own pony! She's very fat!

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