Big Break Through!

Ok folks this is a long one so hang tight! My eventing horse Chief was not always SO amazing, he had been abused!:.. Chief was fed cow food (which is bad for horses since horses have 1 stomach and cows have 4). He had black water which meant no one had cleaned the bucket or put clean water in the bucket. He was standing in up to his ankles in his own muck and saddest of all 4-5 ponies died at the stable in 1 week one of which was his best friend.

When he was brought to his final home we discovered hes teeth had not been done in a long time and when the dentist stuck he finger in his teeth cut her finger and that is why he couldn't eat for a properly for few weeks. When I first rode Chief i would trot him for about 3 min. then he would huff and puff. My first lesson on him was about 30 min. Now I can ride him for an hour jumping lesson and he will be fine afterwards. This was our big break-

PS Chief LOVES bubbles baths!

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Oct 24, 2009
by: wolfie

People shouldn't mistaet animals.That is sooooooooo sad.I just want to move there and give him a million apples and carrots if he wouldn't get a tummy ache!Tell the bad people I siad GRRRRRR!!!!

Jan 03, 2009
by: Hannah Elisa-Beth M

See? This is why we have animal cops.
They arrest people for animal cruelty. I kind of want to be an animal cop. That was so sad!

Oct 19, 2008
by: Windcall

I'm literally SEETHING with rage! How ANYBODY, especially a horse owner, can see something so terribly sad and think "Aaww, whatever!" is COMPLETELY beyond me!!!!!! One of my future plans is to have an animal shelter in which horses, no matter what condition they're in, can be loved and taken care of and given a new lease on life.

Thank you for saving Chief!

Windcall *:-)

Sep 25, 2008
Poor Chief
by: Natalie

That's a sad story. at least hes getting better. How can people do stuff like that to horses? I mean it cruel! I'm sure Chief is a really great horse. have fun with him!

Aug 04, 2008
I love this story!
by: Christina


Aug 04, 2008
by: horselover490

how can someone do that to a horse. it's so sad. i'm happy that he's doing fine now.

Jun 29, 2008
by: Anonymous

good so sad!

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