Best Water Bottle for Riding

by Sydney

This is the absolute best water bottle. It’s not exactly a horse item but you know how when you are riding in the heat - like I do in Florida - you really need to stay hydrated? Well this is my favorite water bottle for horseback riding. I like it for five reasons:

1. It really keep drinks cold. One time I put ice water in it in the evening and the next morning there were still ice cubes in it! But it doesn’t feel icy cold on the outside so I can still hold it OK.

2. It has a great grip. It has this nice grippy thing that makes it safe to use when you are on a horse. I’d hate to have my water bottle slip out and hit my horse!

3. It doesn’t leak. I’ve never had it leak at all. (There is a little rubber thing inside that can fall out when you clean it but as long as it’s in there you are fine.)

4. It’s easy to pop open. So when you are riding you can just pop it open with one hand and keep your other hand on your horse’s reins.

5. It’s easy to clean. OK, this is my Mom’s favorite thing about it but still. It has a really wide opening and so it’s super easy to wash out. So no creepy mold in the water bottle. And it’s stainless steel which seems to stay cleaner.

I have a couple of these for riding and school and I’d definitely recommend them.

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Sep 03, 2012
by: SuperSmily

That sounds awesome I should get myself one of those!!!!!

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