Best Friends (Our True Story) - Chapter 4: Let's Play Tag

by Leah
(Missouri, USA)

Chapter 4 - Let's Play Tag

I started having dreams. Some sad, some happy, but they all had Raphael in them. No matter what they were, I always told Raphael about them.

Of course being young and full of imagination, sometimes I wondered if he had the same dreams, or at least dreams with me in them. But there wasn't a way I could find out, so I told him all of mine.

Whether it was galloping across a beautiful field with tall green grass, jumping over home-made obstacles in a dusty pen, or, in very sad dreams, finding out he was sold, I told him everything.

He was my closest friend, and at that time, one of my only friends. I was different from everyone, I always had been. If I ever had any friends, they only wanted me when it was convenient for them, or as a way to get to something, or someone, through me.

But Raphael did none of those things. He was always there, whenever I needed his shoulder to cry on, his warm neck to wrap my arms around, and his soft nose to kiss. He was always welcoming, always wanting me with him, no matter what we were doing. His only condition in our friendship was in the order we did things: Treats first, grooming and hugs second, and then we'd talk. And depending on the day, we would play games together.

Our favorite, and the one we played most, was tag. I will always remember the first time we played, Raphael had just finished munching an apple when he looked at me, then took off to his left, trotting down the fence. I stood in the same spot on the other side of the fence, confused.

After about 4 fence posts, he slowed down and turned his head slightly to the right and looked at me out of the corner of his eye, I saw the playful look, and I smiled. I took off running after him, and just as I reached the spot where he had slowed down, he spun around and trotted back the other way.

"Hey!" I giggled as I changed directions. He seemed to smile, as if he enjoyed making me run back and forth. I caught up with him, and he slowed down to a walk, then stopped and searched the dark pink and gray backpack I had always brought with me for treats, as if he deserved one for winning the game. I couldn't help but laugh.

"Very funny, you ate them all!"

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Jan 18, 2012
by: Lexi

Your story is SOOOOOOOOOOO great, keep writing please!

Dec 20, 2011
by: Katie


Dec 20, 2011
Please read! :)
by: Leah F.

Thanks for reading everyone!! :)
I know this chapter doesn't really say a lot about what happened, but I'm writing this book also for my own personal use, kind of "In Memory Of" for Raphael and I.

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