Bear and Minnie: 2 horses, One Dream - Part 2 (Minnie's story)

by May and Jay
(Lynnwood, WA. USA)

Hi, I'm Minnie, a grullo criollo. Nice to meet ya.

Hi, I'm Minnie, a grullo criollo. Nice to meet ya.

"She's quite a pretty criollo, I have to say that." A weird man said while he looked me over.
" 500$ and she's yours."
"Deal." And the man led me away.
I nickered joyfully, and kicked up some dirt while he led me away. I swished my head and hit the guy in the head.
"Quit it ya lil beast!" He said happily. He swatted my face and I jumped back.
"Minnie, we'll play once we get there, there's no use in playing by a humane society."
I nicknamed the man HappyHat. We walked along next to each other, already forming a deep bond. I looked at my hooves. Now these need to be trimmed, I thought. When I looked back up, I saw a tall alter real gelding. With a shiny black coat and a warm whinny.
"Minnie, this be Black Jack. This ol' feller is goin' tah be your new stablemate."
HappyHat pat my muzzle and climbed onto Black Jack. Black Jack moved extremely slowly. So most of the way I was leading, even though more than once, we had to turn around because I led them the wrong way.
"Minnie, you're a card." Black Jack nickered to me.
"Actually oldster, Imma horse."
"Sweet Minnie, I know you're a horse. It's a figure of speach, and don't call me old. I'm only sixteen."
" Fine with me Black Jack."
Black Jack trotted up behind me, and hit his head against my flank.
"Whoa, there Black Jack. We want her to like you, not hate you." HappyHat said while he stroked Black Jack.

Towards the end of the walk I got tired, so I followed behind Black Jack, and Black Jack apparently loved being in front. He held his tail high like a sissy girl. When we got to his home (Which was enormous) I already felt like I belonged here.The field was very... what should I call it? Brown. The field was very brown.

I learned that HappyHat's family had one other horse, a shire, a female shire, named Belle.
HappyHat put me in a stall in between her and Black Jack. They talked a lot. Belle always talked about how she pulled this strange wagon to plow the fields. Black Jack talked about HappyHat's foal. Evelynn, who apparently was very fond of me. In fact she came in this morning.

"Dad, where's Minnie?"
"Eve, you better not ride her, I don't even know if she's broken. Feed her a carrot or two, then be done with it. I'll test her out this afternoon. Wanna ride Belle today? She plowed the fields really well last night, so we should give her a break today."
"But... you bought Minnie for me right daddy?"
"I'm not sure Eve, she's taken a big liking to me."
"But that's unfair!
"Horses are horses sweetie, don't let them be anything but themselves. If you do, it doesn't bring charm. All it brings is horror."

Evelynn gave me a carrot. Then she opened my stall, and started brushing me. I hope we're gonna play today, I thought. Evelynn looked outside to see if HappyHat pulled away in his car yet, then she grabbed a halter fits it on me, and lead me out. She tied me to a post outside, then ran back to the tack room to take a wagon full of tack. A western saddle... a curb bit bridle, and a big and warm saddle blanket. Hey, I thought to myself, those aren't the right tools to run around and play.

She first put the saddle blanket on me, which immidiatly made me feel hot. Then she put the saddle on me, and had trouble with the latigo, but eventually she did it. The she tried to fit the bit into my mouth. And human foal, that's not happening.

I turned my head away. Then she grabbed my halter and turned my head back. She tried again, and I backed up as far as the rope could take me. The she tried again, and I started thinking this was a game. So I started pacing in place, then I nipped her hair which made her face turn red. It matched her hair, being red and all.

I neighed and she fit the bit into my mouth. Which made the game end. She led me to the edge of a trail, and climbed onto my back. I'm not saying I've never been ridden before, but I'm not saying I liked it. I stiffened up. She kicked my side and I walked slowly. She let me speed up to a trot most of the way, but down hills she made me slow down. Then we trotted some more. Eventually, we got to a wild flowered field, and I couldn't help it. I /had/ to run. I started cantering around, and Evelynn let me. The I lengthened my stride into a gallop, and that's when the horror started. I heard Black Jack's neigh. I swore I heard it. And, it was right in front of me. I burst into a full gallop. Evelynn let me until I fully galloped down hill. Then she started to pull back on the reins, which made it difficult to gallop, so I stepped back a gait, and started cantering, but every time I try to lengthen my stride to a gallop, she pulls back on the reins. So I had to stay at a canter.

Then I saw the black glint of HappyHat's truck, and Black Jack was in it! They're gonna go play without me? I thought. Then Evelynn started pulling back on the reins, and hard, but I had to get to HappyHat!!! He's my person and I'm his horse. Never try to slow down a horse who's tracking his loved one, it just makes trouble, my dam always used to say that.

"Whoa, easy Minnie, we don't want dad to see us, whoa." Evelynn whispered to me. But I couldn't stop, I had an adrenalin rush! I was starting to catch up to the vehicle! I started galloping, and galloping as fast as I could. My feet were flying! Barely hitting the hard rode. HappyHat looked at his rear view mirror and saw us, then he pulled over to the side of the curb.

I was so happy to see him!!! I started running along the grass of the fields, then I tripped over a stump and fell. I was almost perfectly fine, my back legs needed to be stretched, but that's about it. As for Evelynn, I'm not so sure.

" Daddy... She wouldn't stop, she purposely made me fall." Evelynn said in between sobs.
" I told her not to ride her Eve! I'm ashamed of you!"
" I know, I know. I was happy you got a new horse, and I wanted Minnie to like me better. But she still loves you dad."
"I know she does, and she probably went after Black Jack, he was singing along to Carrie Underwood. You two turn around and head home. I need to go give Black Jack his shots."

So we turned around, she climbed onto my back and held the reins tightly.
"Off the horse Eve."
She got off of me and walked me home. She put me in my stall, and made sure the door almost hit my face. Then ran off to tell HappyHat's mate. About an hour later, HappyHat's mate, which I'm gonna call PrettySmile, walked in and took a look at me.
"Do you really want to sell her Eve? Your dad loves her so much I'm surprised he's letting you. And he told you not to ride her."
"He wants her sold! Go call those humane people. I bet they'd want her."

Evelynn spinned around on her heal, and walked out.

"Oh I'm so sorry Min... I really am." PrettySmile stroked my face and walked out.

Next thing I knew, two men were leading me into a truck. They tide me up harshly and shut the door, then they got in there seats, and drove off.

"Hey, Evelynn, I'm home!" Jim yelled.
Evelynn pranced outside and hugged her father.
"He turned around and saw Angel wearing a sad smile.
"What's wrong Angel?" He asked.
"We did what you wanted."
He smiled a half smile and answered, "And what did I want again?"
"To get rid of Minnie..."
"You did what!!!"
"Eve told me you want me to.. She's off to the humane society right this minute."
"Evelynn Jessica James! Get you stinky self over here!!"
"Yes daddy?"
"You're in big trouble missy. You're never going to get a horse, not until you move out."
"But daddy..."
"Just get in the house."

Jim put his hands over his face and sat there. I lost my little filly, he thought.

As the two men were driving me away from my home. I started prancing in place, not because I want to play, but because I'm afraid and nervous. Where are they taking me? I thought to myself.

"Hey, so wear are we going next?" Said man number 1.
"Hayhill ranch, about a horse the bucks all the time. Buckskin stallion, named Bear."
"Ah. I see."

Where are they taking me? And who is this Bear? What did I do?

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Dec 09, 2012
by: May and Jay

Hey! Thanks for checking the story out, I'm May, (cue Dora music) and that's Jay (points to the left) We'd like to say thank you for reading this, we're working on number three too, Bear and Minnie, 2 horses, One Dream Part 3 (It's When They Meet That It Gets Bad) So, I look forward...ahem I mean /We/ look forward to ya reading it. Goodnight!

Oct 01, 2012
by: Anonymous

Uh holy amazing!! More like right now!

Oct 01, 2012
by: Lucinda

This is a great story! I dislike Eve though XD.

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