Barrel Racing

by A horsecrazy rider
(Oklahoma, USA)

My horse Diva and I won in the Ariat Kentucky 20010 barrel racing. I made so many friends while I trained! I stayed in Kentucky for 3 weeks and trained really really hard to win it.

When the day came, almost all of my family came. It was a pretty surprise I had now the double nerves than I had! I knew that I had to impress everyone.

When it was my turn, I went and there were loud shouts and hard claps especially by my family. So I started my race. Diva was ready and excited so when we made the second barrel, Diva made a little bump but we made it!

It was now time for the results. All of us
lined up in front with our horses. I didn't hear my name until they announced 1st place! Everyone cheered!

That day was the best day in all my racing times.

P.S. Ive been doing races ever since I was 8 years old now I am 12 and have been riding almost in lots of states.

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