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This is what Gypsy looks like!

This is what Gypsy looks like!

Hi, everyone! Some people love horses because they are a refuge! Others, a hobby of some sort. My love, a refuge! It also runs in my family, and that kind of stirred the love up!

Why a refuge? I'm not ready to be a girly girl! I don't always fit in in my class, I had a boyfriend, and broke it off, I have a couple of good friends, do you understand now? My life's rough!

My only consolation is horses. That explains why my first kiss was with my colt, Mr. Darcy! My riding horse is Gypsy, and is a challenge, but that's what fits her with me!

My dad and mom understand completely! That's why they let me engulf my room with horse posters, books, bags, folders, notebooks, models, stuffed animals, and clothes. They are so understanding!

Always look toward your friends and family to support you, they always understand! But my sister still asks why I decorate our room in only horses!

Animals become a part of who I am. I dress cowgirly, differently, oddly, and love to stand out.

As you could've expected, my friends are horsecrazy, too! Though, I think, a little less than I! But they still love and adore animals and horses!

This website is also a good place to go if you need more horse in your life! Here, I am also known as Stevie from Virginia, which is not my real name! Sorry for the misconception!

Have you ever seen an abused animal? They look so pitiful! Help them! If you see a mistreated animal, find out who owns it, and then decide what to do!

If you are horse insane like I am, stick with it! I insist! It never helps to just walk away from something you love, unless it's chocolate. And even then it's a heartache! But, trust me on this, you will find solace in everything you love. Band, food, orchestra, art, history, science, math, and HORSES.They will always be a part of my life, and I hope they'll be a part in yours! And you in theirs!

Love From The Horse Crazy Girl,


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