As If I Care (Quinn)

by Ellysa Monterray
(Minneapolis )

I named my horse as if I Care because he was so curious! We would always see him sniffing cats in his field and when he saw us he would canter off and start grazing again as if he actually didn't care! As soon as we left he would go right back and sniff the cat again! We couldn't keep calling him such a long name so we came up with Quinn because it was so unique, yet beautiful! Quinn loves his name and when we take him into the showjumping ring he absolutely beams when people have a little chuckle at his name. Since I can't figure out how to upload a picture, I'll tell you what he looks like. He is a 17hh gelding with an amazing fiery chestnut coat with a flaxen mane and tail. He's a jumper and we are currently jumping about 3`9 with definite potential to go all the way to the top! I hope you like my name!

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