A Birthday party for Sure!

by Rosalynn B.
(Lancaster California)

Horse b-day

Horse b-day

One day, and this was my birthday, my sister, Trixie, and i Veronica went to the pet store and wanted to buy a horse for me. I didnt have enough money, "Say, Trixie do you have 25 more dallars?" I asked.

"No sorry" she answers. "its ok"

On our way home my sister notices me feeling down in depress,"it will be ok Veronica""yeah but that was what i really wanted I dont know what i would do without a horse!"i said, with a sniffle."Oh Vicy your crying" she calls me by my nick name."No! the horse owner's just such a jerk it makes me emotional sometimes"wipping the tears from my face.

When we arrive home we saw our mom and dad sleeping. "Wow we were not even out that long" said Trixie. "well atleast i have my party tomorrow" "goodnight Vicky" said Trix."g-g-goodnight" i say in wisper.'YAAAAWWWN!

'we all wake up. I walk into mom's room to say good morning" mom? mom?! MOM!!!" Trixie Daddy wheres MOM!!?" "Oh dear, Vreonica your mother will be home soon she just went to the store" "OH" I giggled "to get me some pres...""NO!" he cuts me off "i mean no she just went to um.. buy some food!" "For my party?" i asked. "What party?.... uh im busy you guys go to the park or something!"He says. "What was all that about?" Trixie says. "I dont know!" Later on we go to the park like dad said and we kept playing, and playng until we could play no longer. "I'm tired lets go home"

After all that playin they finally arrive home."Wait out here" "WHY?!?!" WHat is going ON!!" Trix goes in and closes the door. (why arethey acting like that)I thought. I was starting to get upset so i decided to look in the window. The light was off that made me mad. "Thats IT!!" I charge in with little speed. I see the lights come on and..."HAPPY BIIRRTTHDAAY TO YOU HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU...." They sing to me. and at the end....."N-N-N-A-A-AY-Y-Y" A horse screams "MOM!! NO YOU Didn't!! AAAAAH!!!! you got me a horse!?" "Happy BIRTHDAY SWEETIE" "I'll name her..Hanah!" "Hi hannah" Trixie said.



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