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Jamaican Me Crazy 
It's my favorite horse name because it is just super cute and unique!

Fancy That 
i think it is an awesome name for a dapple grey pony like mine and that is her show name we call her fancy for short she is amazing!!!

Hero's Tiny Spirit 
Because it is so sweet for a foal that is as strong as a hero! Especially I like it for a chestnut foal. My chestnut foal on howrse is named that.

i think this name would suit a gypsy vanner or friesians!! maybe even other fancy horses!!

It is the name of a horse that i used to ride. She is a spunky and sassy paint that is so sweet.

It means king of the stars.

Becuase it makes you and your horse look like yall are wealthy thats what i named mine and i am rich

Thats the name of my horse!

its cool

Because I had a Tennessee Walker named Chance but he died at the age of 14 and i am only 10. DIED:10-05-08

because i know every horse wants freedom

because my fav horse is called breeze... >>LOL<<

its a nice name for a horse

Dixie is my horse's name. It's short and simple yet it's a great name. P.S My horse's show name is THE DESERT LOVE!

I just love him so much. He is very good.. BUDDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hoof Hearted 
It looks normal... Try saying it together! If you did it right, it will sound like Who Farted!

i named him that because when he was a little colt he used to buck around for the fun of it

Hi again! Eilonwy is another of my favorite horse names. I actually did not invent that name; I got it from a weird but good book by Lloyd Alexander, …

I like this name because: #1 It's Irish #2 Because I love the story it comes from (which is set in Ireland). It's the Lara and the Moon colored filly …

I think Blondie is my Fave Horse name becuase i have rode a horse/ pony called Blondie and she is soo well behaved... and her body, mane and tail is …

Golden Apple 
It describes the beutiful palimino you know.

I love this name because it represents a town, which is Avanti, Italy. Its really beautiful to say, to! I have a pinto named Avanti. She is 9 years old, …

Apache Blackstar 
Imagine a beautiful black and white paint stallion cantering across the ocean shore in the middle of the night, mane and tail flowing like a banner. On …

he is like so pretty and he likes to run, jump. He's so fast like fireworks. I love horses. They're so cute.

Cowboy or Trigger 
It sounds so western like and i love them.

It means pretty little girl

I don't know why I like it, I just do.

Freedom's Song 
I like the name Freedom's Song because it reminds me of my horse who is free and spirited. I also like the name Shadow Dancer because it is sweet and also …

i have a great horse named april she was born in april

Addictive Ride 
Because it sounds like a fast, action-packed name for an Arabian!

kirei (key-ray) 
My friend Ayako is really important to me. Ayako is Japanese and knows Japanese. She told me the beautiful in Japanese is kirei. The horse I want is a …

'cause I like roller coaster's and because horses have mood swings like a 'coaster and also because sometimes it can be a real coaster when you ride.

Frosted Flakes 
Because she's brown and white and the brown is the Frosted Flakes and the white is the milk.

Dandy Boy 
that's my horse and he's been amazing to me. Hes taught me all i know in the western riding world. i was raised english so i love Dandy Boy for having …

Cause it has a perfect tune when you say it.

Bella, Prancing Summer, Magic Moments 
i like Bella because in Italian it means beautiful. i like Prancing Summer because it sounds gorgeous and it would suit a Chestnut mare. and i like …

It is a unique name. My friend owns a Hanoverian and his name is Insomniatic. The definition is restless because of a constant enjoyable happening.

huggy is my horse because she so soft and cuddly and she was my first ever horse and she always loves a good hug from me or my friends!

I like the name "Dreams", because it is a pretty name.

I love the name Galileo because it was the name of my horse that past away recently. He was a Coal Black thoroughbred that I show jumped.

It sounds beautiful!

It's my palomino's name and he aced the test of winning my heart!

It's a sweet name that has a nice sound to it. It sounds cozy and friendly.

bertie, ricky. sky, blossom. 
Bertie because he his my pony now. And the other three cos they are my older horses and ponies that i have now so i love them all.

All horses are so nice. They are always nice in the heart. If they are wild at times well that is natural. When a horse saves someone they are like an …

Because my dream horse's name was Goldie, but she got sold. She was a beautiful palomino Quarter Horse mare, and the first horse that ever nuzzled me! …

I had a dog named ginger and she was my fave dog and i think it would be a really good name for a horse

Because my favorite pregnant mare is named that

China Rose, Sable, Wildfire 
I used to have a mare named China Rose but she was really old so we sold her. I still have another mare named Sable, someone wants to buy her for $30,000!!! …

Cookie, candy and muffin 
Because they are all so tasty and sweet!

Because that was my old horse's name that died and that was also my first horse.

Jigsaw, Mimi, Bella, Moonlight, Sunset 
I think Jigsaw would really suit a pinto or a patchy horse - it would look just like a jigsaw! Mimi is just a really cute name that would suit a cheeky …

Because he is my favrioute horse in the world!! He can jump a 1.20m

Kaplanz and Roaneo 
i like these names because 1st Kaplanz is original and 2nd roaneo is a roan stallion at the barn that i work at and i named him he is a 15.3hd tall quarter …

Electra, Epic, Love, Dixie, and Americas 
Electra is my Arabian mare. She is 18 this year. Epic was a Fjord pony stallion at my old barn. I think he is 10 this year. Love is my moms horse. …

This isn't her but I imagine this is what she looked like. (this horse is T. thats what we called him. he had 2 be put down cause he broke his leg:( ) …

It sounds so sweet! I have an Australian pony called Apple. She's soooooooo perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cherokee is my favourite horse name becouse it was the name of the first horse I rode on. Also it sounds really cool!

Cookie's Delight 
that's my mare's show name. Her name is cookie and well, she is a delight. and it's Cookie's Delight to show. :-)

It rhymes with my name (Molly) and it is my pony's name but her real name is Ashdene Holly II. She is a New Forest Pony and is only 4 yrs old! Also I think …

constantine can be a male or a female name... constantine was a roman god that brought christianity to the romans

Duh! It's like the best name ever! My horse's name is Cee and hes awesome! His registered name is Cee Me Fly! Cute, right? :D

It's just so majestic and beautiful...

It is my leased horses name. He is an amazing jumper and he is really really cute. I love him soooooooooooo much.

I am not a cow  
it's a real horse name!

Dallas Not rated yet
Thats my horses name and i love the Dallas Cowboys!!!!!!!!

King Roger  Not rated yet
I like it because it is like a powerful name and it is very cool.

Brownie Not rated yet
I think BROWNIE is the ultimate name for a brown/black coloured horse or pony. BROWNIE is also my fave horses name.

Divided Divine Not rated yet
i love this name because its the one thing for everything. it matches any horse

Hero's Tiny Spirit Not rated yet
Because it is so sweet for a foal that is as strong as a hero! Especially I like it for a chestnut foal. My chestnut foal on howrse is named that.

Blue Jeans Not rated yet
Just because i like the name for a white horse and i like the song old blue jeans by hannah montana x

Bella Not rated yet
I think it is an adorable girls name. Moonbow is also a funny one. Or how about Master Oats? Always keeping it interesting!!!

Go for GOLD Not rated yet
because its true and i love the name

Hot rod  Not rated yet
Hot rod is the first horse i got , i got him when he was only 3 years old . The name is just perfect for a temperamental horse like him .

Bamboozle Not rated yet
i like this name just because it sounds interesting and exciting good for a horse that loves to play around and have fun :]

I have a herd of minis & Luv em' all!!! Not rated yet
Fancy (black/shite paint mare) Ridge (red/white paint stud) Legend (1st born on our place) Jewell (blue roan) Scout (buckskin) Gracie (gray mare) …

Illusive Desire Not rated yet
don't know how i came across it but it's beautiful

Amigo Not rated yet
He lost his mommy @ 4 weeks and I decided to call him Amigo for he has very strong will power and a very good appetite,he is allready my best friend (Amigo) …

Charm Not rated yet
I love the name charm because my horses name is and she is very beautiful and has a great personality. She is a heck of a horse and she does have alot …

dancer Not rated yet
because if your horse is giddy and won't stand still its kinda like he's dancing

dancer Not rated yet
because if your horse is giddy and won't stand still its kinda like he's dancing

Dawson Calypto Not rated yet
bc it just sounds so unique and it inspires me with the cheesy dawson part and then gives it a bold look with calypto!!!

Dreamer Not rated yet
its a great movie and i really love it& that name

Falcone Not rated yet
Because it´s my horse name.

Caspian Not rated yet
Caspian is a really cool name for a horse!

Comanche or Rontu Not rated yet
I love these names because they both are indian names.They sound so pretty when you say them.My favorite is Rontu, the name means something but I can't …

Dakota Not rated yet
I love this name for a horse. I think it sounds really wild and pretty. If i ever get a horse, i think that's what I'll name it!

Abbi Not rated yet
It is original and also the name of my horse!

crestie Not rated yet
i think crestie is such a nice name i always ride a horse called crestie he's my baby

Avery Not rated yet
Because that is my favorite name!

brownie Not rated yet
Because well it tells you from the name a brown pony or horse. Well, and that it looks good enough to eat lol. Well, I guess there are alot of names but, …

Charlie Not rated yet
I have a two year old horse named charlie and he's such a beauty.

Fortunate Match Not rated yet
Speaks for itself

Dream, Shadow, Midnight, Holly, Odie and Sucha'ma'haley bop Not rated yet
I like these names because in a way they are sort of mysterious, different, odd, amusing, cute, funny and hilarious all at the same time.

blue Not rated yet
because its colorful and cute for a grey pony or horse

cowgirl Not rated yet
i just like it.!.!

buddy Not rated yet
because buddy is a lovely way to say a horse is truly your best friend!

Combie Not rated yet
because he is my baby and he was born in a paddock in the country and he was trained in barrels and he won every comp he was entered in!

Diversified Reble Not rated yet
I like the name Diversified Reble because it shows a spirt that can't be easly broken.

Boyce  Not rated yet
because that's what i'm going to call my new horse .x.

Cupid's Arrow Not rated yet
It makes me think of love and friendship. That is what a horse and rider should be like!

firefly Not rated yet
the reason why i like this horse name is because it could fit any horse,its easy to remember,its a nice name,and its easy to write down on a peace of paper. …

chief Not rated yet
cause chief is such a powerful name and plus thats my ropin horses name and hes a paint:)

Hidalgo Not rated yet
I love that movie and it has a western flare

Cobalt Not rated yet
i don't really know, just like it!

Apple Not rated yet
Because I like Appaloosas and I just think Apple will be a cute name for an Appaloosa

Jetta Not rated yet
I think of a fast black horse.

Cella Not rated yet
It sounds pretty.

jazz Not rated yet
beause this horse is very spunky and active and loves to dance with you

Feather River Not rated yet
Because it's weird and unusual. Of course a person could always call a horse named Feather River, River.

dazzle Not rated yet
dazzle is a pretty name and it reminds me of a wild beatiful mustang and it goes good with a blue roan

Calvin Not rated yet
Because he`s really cute, he`s chesnut (my favourite colour) and he is really well behaved

Bo-bo Not rated yet
Bo-bo is my fav horse name because the horse i have now i have had since she was born. I owned her mother now i own her. The reason i named her Bo-bo is …

Irish Not rated yet
I knew a horse once at a horse camp and he was just a one of a kind amazing horse. He felt like a wonderful companion. Nobody could ever feel the way I …

destiny Not rated yet
i can mean anything

hercules Not rated yet
Because its different and i have a horse named HERCULES!

Cash 'n Dash Not rated yet
Because it is the name of my favorite horse.

Aero Not rated yet
Aero Just sounds SO Powerful and yet at the same time sounds so peaceful

Babe Not rated yet
Because i use to take riding lessons on her.

Gallant prince Not rated yet
is cute

August rush Not rated yet
it has a nice and classy touch to it em

HotShot Not rated yet
because he has a great shot at being a winner

Iney,Meney,Miney and Moe Not rated yet
If you have 4 horses heres 4 silly names!

eclipse Not rated yet
i like this name because its uncommon and fits almost any horse/pony colour (and also its my horses name!)

IBN Thru Fire Not rated yet
It sounds like a tough, strong name for just about any breed of horse, male or female. It goes best with chestnut or palomino.

Buzzall (Buzz) Not rated yet
It is so lovely and darling.

Court Jester/ jester for short Not rated yet
this is my fav name because it makes the horse sound like he is interesting and funny. i think it is the perfect name for a horse with a sweet disposition …

Chestnut Not rated yet
I have just always loved the name... i don't know why though?

Godiva Not rated yet
I named my horses Godiva because she reminded me of the chocolate(:

Arabella Skydancer Not rated yet
Lovely name for a showhorse.

jellybean Not rated yet
because jellybeans are good!!!

Ginger Not rated yet
I love this horse!

Fable Not rated yet
Every horse I'v been around seems like a dream or just not possible, so I think Fable would fit any horse!!

butter scotch Not rated yet
cute and sounds like a palomino

Cheeks Not rated yet
This is my horses name (her registered name is C ME SHOW OFF)and I love her so much because she does so much for me. This year we went to fair for my first …

Blossom Not rated yet
it was the name of my horse.

Frisky Dude Not rated yet
This is my horse name...and it differed! Who would love a Frisky horse.

jumpster Not rated yet
I love the name jumpster because I did ride a pony named jumster but now it is hard for me to see him because I have to play rep soccer

Claire Not rated yet
I love this name because it is is my horses name and sounds beautiful!

Hazel or caemel Not rated yet
gonna be getting a horse for CHRISTMAS! =] i love palominos! =]

bell Not rated yet
bell is my favourite horse name because it sounds like a horse name and not like a human name and it don't sound boring to say because most names you say …

chiva Not rated yet
Because that is the name of my goat tying horse and it means "goat" in spanish. and it is just flat out awesome!

Hope Not rated yet
My horses name is Hope and she is the kind that doesent give up. She gives me hope everyday!

Dreamwalking Not rated yet
because that is my horses name

Black Magic, Broken Song, Dark Sunshine, And Goodnight Sweet Heart Not rated yet
well because black magic is my horse hes a Jet black freisan stallion and my friend named him that before he gave him to me.I just like the name broken …

Beautiful Misery Not rated yet
Because i like the name and it fits my horse...Shes beautiful but causes misery

duke Not rated yet
because he is a charming boy

My Favorite Horse Name Ever! Not rated yet
My most favorite horse name ever is Shiloh because that is my horse's name and I just love him and his name. I <3 Shiloh!!!!<3

Falada Not rated yet
It is the name of a talking horse belonging to a Princess in the fairy tale 'The Goose Girl' by the Grim Brothers.

Prince charming Not rated yet
because i have got a 13.3hh show pony called prince charming he is 8 yrs old and he it top , i love him to bits i also have a yearling who is 14hh at moment …

Angle Not rated yet
because all horses are angles

Flamer Not rated yet
Because She Is Flaxen And Is As Fiery As A Flame ( And Very Strong Too ) Charly x

Corriander, sugercubes Not rated yet
Corriander In memory of a rodeo horse killed when it was hit by a bull. A famouse throughbread rode by pippa funnle.

brownie Not rated yet
it is my first horse

buddy Not rated yet
not sure

Dandy Not rated yet
Because i have a horse called Dandy to and i love the name. Dandy is he name of my horse and it inspires me to have a look all the time.

Bluebell Not rated yet
Because my old horse was called bluebell but one day someone let her out of her stable and sadly she got run over and 2 weeks later the vet said to us …

jack Not rated yet
Because we think a like and he acks like he understands me!

Dante Not rated yet
because i own a horse name Dante and i think the name is unique! (i was planning to put a pic of me riding him i but it is too... lol!!)

Coda Gold Not rated yet

belle Not rated yet
because it is just, well, belle! it sounds beautiful. i think it would work for a black horse. i also like the names red, saphire, holly, storm, sandy, …

Cupcake Not rated yet
It's soft, sweet , cute,adorable,and callable.

jake Not rated yet
because its my horses name !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bella Not rated yet
It is a very spontaneous name to me.

chocolate Not rated yet
because its my favorite thing

hope Not rated yet
that is my horses name

beauty Not rated yet
i think beauty is a beautiful name for a brown horses with white legs

amber Not rated yet
for an arab its the best name ever

appachey Not rated yet
because a paint has patches and that makes it perfect for the name appachey

blaze Not rated yet
because my horse blaze has a big blaze on his head!!!!!!!!!!!!that's why we called him blaze!!

champeon Not rated yet
because i used to ride a horse called champeon

flicka Not rated yet
coz it means pretty girl

Bramble Not rated yet
I like the name bramble because my horse eats bramble some times i get a bit worried about him but he is fine!!!. From the massive horse lover ever/bethany …

jumper Not rated yet
I like this name because to me it means that a horse can jump good and well. That's why i like that name.

ANOTHER CHANCE Not rated yet

Dark Knight Not rated yet
my horse is a Arabian wild so black i have peoms woth my horses i'm on pinto my user is melloblue so look for me and when i'm a member i'll train and …

Dakota Not rated yet
Because it is a really pretty name and you could call it Big-D.

Candy Not rated yet
Becuse it sounds like a sweet name.

gonnet Not rated yet
because there is a horse named gonnet on my favorite show the saddle club

Hollywood Not rated yet
I like the name hollywood becuse ist is a cool name for a horse

Chestnut Not rated yet
I like the name chestnut becuse it is a good name for a chestnut horse

Crayola Not rated yet
Because its my horse's name and i think it sounds very creative. It's best on paints because it looks like someone drew or painted their patches.

Crayola Not rated yet
Why? because 1 reason it's MY horse's name and i think it sounds creative!!! i think it's best for paints because it looks like someone painted or drew …

brandey Not rated yet
because my horse name is that but i have a problem i don't have a show name

brownie Not rated yet

Cobalt Not rated yet
I am a Saddle Club fanatic!

Cobalt Not rated yet
I am a Saddle Club fanatic!

gemma Not rated yet

Jewelles Not rated yet
I Think Jewelles Is A Great Horse Name Because It Is Well Easy To Think About And Absolute Great For A Chestnut As My Friend Has Name Their Horse Jewelles. …

Amazing Grace... Not rated yet
I like the names Amazing Grace, Cadell, Eat My Dust, and Willow. Cadell means "war" in Welsh. I also likes the names Kit Kat, Nuisance, Spencer, Pepper, …

Ace  Not rated yet
your horse can ace what ever you want it to do that's why I named my horse that! Also my horse has an 'A' sort of shape on her fetlock that is also why …

Cowboy and Donut Not rated yet
Because Cowboy's the name of this ADORABLE skewbald stallion, with fuzzy, round ears and a winter coat and a blond mane! =)He only can be ridden when you …

Candy Not rated yet
because does there have to be a reason well if there did it would be because it's the name of my pony and she is really cute

Hanilah Bay Not rated yet
Is is the name of my horse who is the biggest horse at my barn is he is awesome and is SUPER CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!

Alure Not rated yet
Because Pat Perelli's sister's horse's name is Alure and he is so bubbly and nice and last PRETTY!!!

Buttercup Not rated yet
because i've always thought of having a real house the color of buttercups

Ebony Not rated yet
because if i get a black horse ebony mean black and it is so cute

Amigo Not rated yet
because it sounds strong.

Eight Belles Not rated yet
Eight Belles is one of my favorite horse names. It was the name of the black filly who took second place in the 2008 Kentucky Derby. After the race,the …


Dreamer Not rated yet
because when you dream you always believe.

Angel Not rated yet
Because my horse is called angel and in every show I go to I always use her and I always come 1st or second.When I ride my aunties horse brandy snap and …

Fed Ex Not rated yet
It's the name of the gelding I ride. He's so sweet and his face just reminds me of a Fed Ex.

dolly daydream Not rated yet
because my horse is called dolly daydream because she alwayz daydreams wen she is in da stable.

Dewdrop Not rated yet
I really don't know why I like the name- I guess it's kinda pretty

Copper and Bartholemue Not rated yet
Because he is a Copper colour. And because it is cute also because his nickname is after Bart from the simpsons.

Buttons Not rated yet
because i have a part share horse called that and he is really sweet,cute and fun to ride

blue skys angel and suzie Not rated yet
i love this name i don't know a pony called blue sky angel but i love it and suzie i love as well not because its my ponies name because its nice and simple!!!! …

Clestal Not rated yet
I love the name Clestal becuse its A majestic name, Clestal.

Buck ,Taffy ,Viveyon ,Dee , Moka , and Draco Not rated yet
Those are all my horses names.

abigail Not rated yet
she is alot of fun to play with or ride with becuz she is my baby, becuz she almost died when she was young baby so yea i was going to call her lucky plus …

Blizzard or Snowstorm Not rated yet
My dogs name is Blizzard and I just love the name. I think it would nicely for a pure grey stallion or gelding. Another nice name for a grey horse is Snowstorm. …

Dynamite Not rated yet
I just love this name. I don't know why. I named my friend's chestnut stallion Dynamite and the name suits him.

Flicka Not rated yet
the reason why i like the name "flicka" for a horse or a pony is because it means beautiful girl in some kind of language and if you are a horse lover …

Bo Lightening Not rated yet
Because he looks like his uncle Bo and he was like born in a storm

jojo Not rated yet
i don't know

Flicka Not rated yet
because it means beautiful young girl and i love that movie!!

bamboo or bamboozil Not rated yet
its sooo cute!!! for a dun stallion i think would be lovely also u could have a nick name-boo _ _ )

bamboo or bamboozil Not rated yet
its sooo cute!!! for a dun stallion i think would be lovely also u could have a nick name-boo _ _ )

cosmopolitain Not rated yet
my retired dressage horse he actes like hes should in in the magezine GQ for guys haha its funny he is asways clean and its gourgous white whith a little …

Belle Not rated yet
Because I love black horses and belle is a googd name for a black horse.

biskit Not rated yet
its my chestnut arabians name. i luv him 2 bits

dancing my way Not rated yet
Hello, I am called May , and i think that Daning My Way is a good name for a horse because it is the same as my horses name!! lol Thanks …

dancing my way Not rated yet
Hello, I am called May , and i think that Daning My Way is a good name for a horse because it is the same as my horses name!! lol Thanks …

Comache,Belle,Barq,Eddy.... Not rated yet
...starlight,pracer,patch,delila,cobalt,dime,penny,garnet,storm,samson,pepper. Saddle club rocks!These r all da names of horses i've checked they r …

FLASH, DD, AND SPORTY Not rated yet

Graceful Peace Not rated yet
It an awesome name for a very calm and loving mare or Filly. Although it must be calm it must still have a little spark in it!

~Crystal Blue~ Not rated yet
When I think of this name, I think of a horse at my grandmother's house. The 'Pony' is a minituar horse, and she has very light blue eyes, like her dalmation's …

alix Not rated yet
cuz its my name

Dare Me Now Not rated yet
because i think it is cool

Dare Me Now Not rated yet
because i think it is cool

Jakers Not rated yet
I don't know why. it's just a cool name.

Bow/ Arrow Not rated yet
Because these are the names of my horse and my sisters horse. And I think they are pretty names

Jester Not rated yet
i got it off a horse for adoption and hes really cute

Connie Not rated yet
i love the name Connie because in jigsaw in mawdasley that is the name of fav horse.

diego Not rated yet
because that was the name of my first horse

diego Not rated yet
because that was the name of my first horse

Chili Not rated yet
It is my horse.

Fantasy and Anastasia Not rated yet
Because Fantasy is like Dreams and Anastasia its like Fresh water in a forest...

butterbeans page Not rated yet
i just love them

?I love Horses! Not rated yet
HI my name is Bella. I have a horse plus 4.3 mares and 2 geldings.

Bandit Not rated yet
This is My favorite horse in the world!

Hidalgo Not rated yet
BEST!! :) :D :P :$

Beauty Not rated yet
I like it because it sounds beautiful.

Haflinger Lover Not rated yet
I love horses. I love riding them and they are so pretty and graceful. My best ride ever was when I rode my favorite pony at my barn, Fritz. A 6 …

delighla's home Not rated yet
i just love them

Black Magic Not rated yet
my neighbor's cat is named Blackmagic and he is so cute! It would be the perfect name for a black horse:}

Horse love Not rated yet
I just love horses! I don't know how God created such beautiful animals! There colors are just irresistibly!

Anna's Webpage  Not rated yet
I'm horse crazy because horses are the most beautiful animals I've ever seen and they are more lovable then dogs and cats! And there are so many things …

Dilly Not rated yet
I like the name Dilly because it has a show name to come with it! (Dilly Dally)

Lily Not rated yet
she is a very sweet horse that I ride!

Gedwey Mithrim Not rated yet
I love this name because it's beautiful once you know what it means. It means " Shining Rose ". I would call a red roan or chestnut or white horse this …

Jellybean Not rated yet
I love that name it is so cute and i want my next horse to be called that My horse name is Cinnamon and i also love that name!!!!!!!!!!!

Buddy Not rated yet
I like this name because a horse is really a real buddy for life. So this name explains their personality.

Hi Not rated yet
The reason why I am horse crazy is because ever since I went to Williams burg,Kentucky and rode my Uncle Chuckys horse that is when I became horse crazy …

Coco Not rated yet
I like the name Coco because it is short for chocolate! (i love chocolate! and so does my pony Libby! (from Emma!) Well, i like the name Candy, because …

Horse and pony lovers like me !!!!!!!! Not rated yet
what I love about horses are they are beautiful animals and that they always give you company when you are lonely.My horse is black with a white blaze …

HorseCrazy Not rated yet
i have been riding since i was 4 and ever since then i have loved horses. i have my own horse his name is Manasquan or you can call him manny for short. …

comanche Not rated yet
because hes really beautiful

Black Magic Not rated yet
its a majestic name and no mispronunciations in the show ring!!!

Archangelo Not rated yet
it just rolls of your tongue

Bolt Not rated yet
The horse might run really fast, or it might have a spot on its nose like a bolt.

Jazz  Not rated yet
I love this name for horses because my horse is named Jazz me Up.

Determind Risktaker Not rated yet
because i will do anything and am a super risk taker and i am extremely determined. and i just think that name sounds kool!! GO OHIO BUCKEYES!!!

Cassie Not rated yet
Because it's my favourite horse's name.

angel Not rated yet

Jellybean Not rated yet
I love that name and my next horse i want i want to name it Jellybean!!!!!!!!!!

Karol Not rated yet
Because that was my horses name before she died and she was the best horse in the world.

General Dangerous Spark Not rated yet
Because this is the name of my competitive endurance horse and General is the name of our stables and Dangerous SPark bc he bucks REALLY bad

Daisy Not rated yet
I just think it's a cute name!!!

Rebel Not rated yet
Its a free high sprung name. It would be great for a black, bay, white, or gray horse!!!

Gimilasia Dilaiya Hastinys Not rated yet
I like it because it is a pretty name and I love long names for horses. It is slightly hard to pronounce, but you say it like GIM-AH-LAY-SHZA DIL-AY-YA …

bambi Not rated yet
beacuse it's a great horse name and i love to watch the movie.

Crystal Not rated yet
Crystal, my little bay Shetland pony mare, has a little spot right on her nose where it's the softest, and since Diamond is a rather used name (no offense …

Chessy Not rated yet
Because it perfect for a female chestnut horse

Chessy Not rated yet
Because it perfect for a female chestnut horse

Dina Not rated yet
because its a pretty name and i love pretty graceful names for horses

bubba Not rated yet
well thats my horses name cause of his lip

Cisco Not rated yet
Be cause I have a horse named CISCO!!!!!! :) :) I LOVE CIOSCO A LOT!!!!!!! :):):):):)

Chester Not rated yet
don't no

Ducoti Not rated yet
I Think That Ducoti Is A Really Good Name For A Horse But Too Bad That I Didn't Name My Own Horse That.. I Named My Horse Arkien Though..........

Biscuit Not rated yet
because that was my rabbits name but he got stolen. He was a strong, gentle and loving rabbit. I miss him so much. Him and his name mean so much to me. …

Crimson Regret Not rated yet
Because it is the name of my 72k Andalusian Stallion. He is for sale.. if you want to purchase.. my player # is 2528969. And no... do not steal this name. …

Figgy Not rated yet
Well its my school horse i just learned how to trot

chuger plum Not rated yet
because all horses are sweet and sensitive

Abeli, Cinnabar, and Kazuki Not rated yet
Abeli, because that's my Arabian's name. Cinnabar, because that's my Andalusian's name. And Kazuki, or Kazu for short, because.. well.. that's just the …

JC Cookie Sun Not rated yet
This was my first horse. We had to sell her, though, because she didn't like to be bathed or clipped. Actually, we traded her for a horse named Vega. Vega …

knock ur sox off Not rated yet
i just do lolz

badger Not rated yet
coz its cool

Atalnta Not rated yet
It is an ancient hero's (girl)name. name for a girl horse who is powerful and pretty (like all horses) maybe for a cream or white coat with darker mane? …

Bandit Not rated yet
because that is my horses name in real life and i named him that when i was 5

Einstein Not rated yet
It just sounds smart.

Heart of Gold Not rated yet
I think of a majestic Arabian. Or a Fresian.

cremello Not rated yet
coz' i like creamy/grey/dappled horses!!

Gemer Not rated yet
Because I think that's a really nice name for a light brown horses.

Flame Not rated yet
It's a cool name my horse is named it.

Surri Not rated yet
Because it's a beautiful name, i named my Arab Surri

a lil perfection Not rated yet
i like this...a racehorse name!

Flicka Not rated yet
because it means "young beautiful girl"

junior Not rated yet
it is cute

freedom Not rated yet
i chose freedom 4 my horse because she was on her way to the gluefactory but i set her free. Now shes a champion tb barel racer with a foal. her foal is …

Buck Not rated yet
i named him that because when he was a little colt he used to buck around for the fun of it

black beauty Not rated yet
Cauz it sounds so beautiful for a black horse and makes him sound kind like the one on TV

Gill Not rated yet
I like this name because it is my horses name.

catch me if you can Not rated yet
i had a pony called catch me if you can i named him that because he was really fast and sometimes hard to catch in the field

Fay Not rated yet
I think Fay is a beautiful name. It is a perfict name for a horse that is graceful.

dreamer Not rated yet
because it has always been a dream to get a horse and when i finaly did i named it dreamer!!!

dreamer Not rated yet
because it has always been a dream to get a horse and when i finaly did i named it dreamer!!!

Cowby Not rated yet
because it sounds like he is a cowboy.good name for a horse that has a free and wild nature.

chizzum Not rated yet
Because its different and my first riding horse was chiz and he was so loyal and cute

Elf Not rated yet
Hi! I'm not really sure why I like the name "Elf," but I always have. Maybe it has something to do with my fascination with all things fantastically …

Hazel Nut Not rated yet
This is my fave because its very old fashioned and yet it sounds a bit elgant

Blondie Not rated yet
Becuase i ride her though she is not my pony, she is a pony from a place called cottagers plot! In grimsby! Anyway if you would like to know about …

Gipsy Not rated yet
Because this horse is a symbol of freedom Unfortunatly I don't have a my own horse yet....

Hecter Not rated yet
I like the name Hecter because it's my horses name.

All right Not rated yet
Because she is my favourite horse on ranch ½bjelovar½.

Cash Not rated yet
My lesson horse,Cash is very sick and cant get up.I want to dedicate this to her

Cash Not rated yet
My lesson horse,Cash is very sick and cant get up.I want to dedicate this to her

chief Not rated yet
Cause im a full blooded cherrokke indian and it is lucky

Blade,Pirate,Shinto,Panda,Falcon,and LeAnn Not rated yet
Just some of the names of horse characters I made up.

homer Not rated yet
because he is the best horse in the world i love you homer soooo much and i know u love me my best friend FOR EVER

bonita Not rated yet
because it is a pretty name and it sounds nice

Buggy Not rated yet
i love the name because my horses name is buggy and he is the most amazing thing ever

Cameo Not rated yet
Because it is for my beautiful Chincoteague pony with chestnut on white, just like a beautiful cameo.

Gunta Not rated yet
Becouse that was first horse what I was riding with ;)

Camy Not rated yet
Why!! Because I used to ride a Appalossa mare named Camy. who died of colic last year. You see she was the best horse I could ever ride.

juniper Not rated yet
Juniper is my favorite name because cute and adorable. If I had a filly I would totally name her Juniper. You could also call her June for short!

brown  Not rated yet
because all horses need a pretty name

kobi Not rated yet
because kobi is kind of a fun wonderous name.plus i rode a horse named kobi.

Kangaroo  Not rated yet
It would be a really good name for a jumper and you can call him/her "Roo" for short.

candy Not rated yet
i like candy

Elf Not rated yet
Hi! OK, this is another one of my most-used horse names. I like Elf because....you know, I really do not know why I like the name Elf. It could be that …

Eilonwy Not rated yet
Hi! Eilonwy is one of my favorite horse names. I actually didn't make it up; I got it from a book by Lloyd Alexander. Unfortunately, I have forgotten …

Apathy Not rated yet
because the name Apathy is my favorite name and it was my grandmothers name and she passed away sadly so i named my horse Apathy to aways remind me of …

amblin Firelight Not rated yet
cos his sire is the WB: Spielberg, so a production of Amblin - get it?! And Firelight (Steven spielberg's first film )cos he has lovely red tones over …

bella Not rated yet
he is like so pretty and he likes to run, jump. He's so fast like fireworks. I love horses. They're so cute.

Gracie Not rated yet
She is the best

Bonnie and Clyde Not rated yet
They were they first ponnies i ever owned and they were brother and sister... lol, but a lot of trubble to so they lived up to their names.

Jewell Not rated yet
she is my favorite horse

Champion Not rated yet
couse my horse is my hero and being a hero is being a champion

Bree Not rated yet
The name was actually used for a horse in one of C. S. Lewis's books ('The Horse and His Boy'). I think this name might fit best with a bay or brown horse. …

DustyDD Not rated yet
My horse's name is DD and he's Dusty.

COWBOY Not rated yet

Durango Not rated yet
because its cool

casper Not rated yet
just because

He's With Me Not rated yet
It sounds kind of like teasing everybody by saying he's so great and you can't have him.

Dakota Not rated yet
My camp horses name was Dakota. He was a Brown and White Appaloosa. SOOOOOOOOOOOO cute!1

Honey or Emerald Not rated yet
I think Honey sounds so sweet for a palomino or a chestnut, and I like Emerald for a cremello or bay. My cremello is named Emerald...she's so gorgeous!!! …

Barricade, Master Chief, Ironhide, Yayak Not rated yet
1. barricade fits a rough stallion 2. master cheif fits a confindint stallion 3. ironhide fits a fast and tough stallion 4. yayak a battle ready stallion …

casper Not rated yet
no reason

baily Not rated yet
because he was the first horse i rode and he was an amazing horse.

Crafty Not rated yet
this was the name of a lesson horse that i rode. he was a very tall cherry bay thoroughbred. he was so sweet! i loved him, he was the horse i had my first …

Cocoa Not rated yet
I think it is good name for horses or ponies that are brown. It is short and cute for a pony espicially

bunny Not rated yet
why i pick this name is because my horses name is that and she is my first horse and i think that her name is cute too.

Indigo,Flash,Dexter Not rated yet
Indigo- I like this one because it can fit a male or female and it sounds so mysterious and beautiful. Flash- This is the name of a horse I really really …

Echo Not rated yet
I don't really know. It seems sophisticated, yet calm and sweet. It would work for a girl or boy horse. I pictured a horse named Echo being all black, …

bramble Not rated yet
i dont no why its just a horsey name

Burning Amber Not rated yet
Because It makes the mare sound like she is fiery and has a chesnut coat.

Gone With The Wind Not rated yet
Because it describes how fast and fearless the horse is.

Dream Catcher, I Am a Promise Not rated yet
Dream Catcher sounds so beautiful, so mystical. I love it. I Am A Promise sounds like you have such faith in your horse. Proud even though it loses, …

Chromatic Poetry Not rated yet
It's just so creative. It would fit any flash horse, such as a feisty Paint stallion, or a feisty Arabian mare.

Apache Blackstar Not rated yet
This just sounds awesome for a really highstrung horse!! Probably an Indian pony cause there's a indian tribe that are called the apache indians.

Fandango Not rated yet
The name Fandango sounds so majestic and beautiful, it just has to be the name of a horse!!

Black Magic Not rated yet
I choose this name because its sounds so interesting as it does cool!<3

End Of Forever Not rated yet
I just like the way it sounds...lol :)

jublee Not rated yet
because it was a very pretty horse I met, and I like the sound of it.

Guiness Not rated yet
this is the name of my horse, he is a black and white gelding. i think his name is great!

2 bits Not rated yet
because it reminds me of a sweet gentil pinto pony that is completly harmless

Adi Not rated yet
because it was a horse that I met at a horse show.

Juggle Boy Not rated yet
Because he is a awesome horse!

Josey Not rated yet
Because he is the best horse I have ever had.

Beetle Not rated yet
cause its my ponys name and it a cute name

JUMP TO GLORY Not rated yet
I think it would be a good name for a jumper horse.when i think of the jumper ring i think of, well jumping and to win you must jump.So,i personally think …

Cherish Not rated yet
i use to have a pony named cherish.i got her when i was 6 (I'm 12 now).when my mommy asked me "what are you going to name her"i said "cherish,because i …

Brownstone Not rated yet
well, i have a brown horse, and he is big and strong(he is 16.2in height and a thoroughbred).Brown is for him being, well, brown. Stone is for him being …

Diamond Not rated yet
I like Diamond because thats what i named my first horse because she had Diamond shape down the front of her head.

Jumper Not rated yet
Because it feels like a winning name

Casablanca Not rated yet
I love that movie and the name sounds awesome!

Casablanca Not rated yet
I love that movie and the name sounds awesome!

Barbaro Not rated yet
he was a great race horse that my whole family got brought together by. i named my youngest horse barbaro.

Delsin (Delboy) Not rated yet
because my last pony was called Delsin aka Delboy

Jetta, Jeera Not rated yet
I have just always found these names beautiful. I plan on naming my mares foal either Jetta, or Jeera I'm not sure which one

Big Red aka (Si Patron Not rated yet
Because he is my horse

honey monster Not rated yet
Because my pony is named that. I love him he has come second in the north west championships and got me 7 trophies in ilkley and district riding association …

Brownie, Apple, Dusty, and Moose are my favorite! Not rated yet
Brownie is my favorite horse and brownies were my favorite snack when I was little, and that's why I named two of my horses after food. Apple is a pony …

Chase Not rated yet
Because it is a beautiful name that inspires u to chase ur dreams.

blue grass Not rated yet
It sounds strong and royal! my horse is named that.

Dust Cleaner Not rated yet
its so cute and good for a Roan. and my horse is named that and he is so cute and he was and still is my first horse

Charmer Not rated yet
My pony is called charmer and he is sooooooooo cute!

Budders and Magic Not rated yet
I like Budders because it has a unique twist and is new and spicy. It's my mustang horse's name. Magic because she is my long lost mare that I greatly …

Dallas Not rated yet
That's my horse's name.

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