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Skips Bo Bootylicous 
I thinkit is a very unique name. Plus it gives me a giggle to say it every know and then.

I have a black Dutch Warmblood stallion. He's really fast; He moves like a shadow! Lol. Shadow is the best horse ever. We have a strong bond. I love Shadow …

because my horse is called Trigger and he is AWESOME!!! honestly if you knew him you would love him!!! he is the best horse in the world. hes an Arab and …

tater tot 
i just love it and one of my favorite horses is named tater tot

I have a horse and he's name is Sampson. I LOVE him so much. he is a great horse. when i first got him he was a butthead but know because i work with him …

because my favourite horse at my stables is called suzie and i love to ride her in my lessons and when my mum saw that she was up for sale she was really …

this is summer a 8 year old mare halflinger who i ride...

my georgous ruby 
this is my horse ruby now she is 18 months old,i bred her my self so ive had her for 18 months. shes my baby girl and i love her lots, so i would never …

because my horse is called ruby and shes a similar colour to a ruby and it suits her.

sophia love's horses 
i LOVE horses. i love to ride them and and look after them. i go to a ridding school called jigsaw in mawdasley.

it's one of the ancient gods of the world before Zeus overthrew them all.... i like it because it somehow reminds me of being strong and powerful.

Hey! This is yet another of my favorite horse names. I did not invent this one, either--I found it in the Bible! For further reference, please check …

I love the name sky. When i was yonger i remember playing horse games, i was the girl named sky, it was always me. Sky just has something about it …

Zanzibar is my 4 year old silver mustang stallion. I love him so much. Although its a bit fancy for a ranch horse.

She's got a Hemi 
She is one of a couple thoroughbreds that i ride at my farm, and i love all of her gaits and also the way she jumps!

Spirit is my horse that just passed away today(July 7,2008)

I think STAR CATCHER is a beautiful,elegant name for a dressage or jumper horse.For a dressage horse i would think of him/her as a elegant horse, a horse …

My favorite horse names are Sagaon and Isabelle 
Sagaon because it shows boldness and Isabelle because it is my moms middle name and when I think Isabelle I think a beautiful dapple gray running across …

Rjúpa is my horse and she is an Icelandic pony and i love her so mutch...Rjúpa is a bird in Iceland and it's just my favorite horse name!!

Spirit, Raine, Cleo, Clover, Flower, Cookie, Oreo. 
I've loved the name "Rain" ever since I saw the movie Spirit, Stallion of the Cimmaron. She was such a beautiful and gentle horse. I hope to have a horse …

Whispering Faded Love, Maniadambuster and Lady Jaguar 
I like the name Whispering Faded Love because that is my moms horse. We call her Love 4 short. Maniadambuster is actually Loves dad! he is a Cob. He is …

Shadow is my fave horse name

Tammir, Khemosonni, and Electra. 
Tammir was a stud at my old barn and he is so beautiful! Khemosonni is one of Khemosabi's sons. He is also a stallion at my old barn. He is truly a …

cos he·s my horses and he is so cute i love him .

Tamu: It is my 25 yr old, Dapple Grey, Quarter Horse's name. he is the best horse my trainer says shes seen in years. i did not name him. but i love the …

This my patch work paint name she is two years old.

Winter Dream 
Because it reminds me of a black blanket appy

Starlight and Miracle 
I like Starlight because it is very positive. I love the optimistic sound. I like Miracle because to me horses are a Miracle that happened. Plus when I …

I like it because I have a really close sis who dances!!!

Sweet pea and Sparky  
Sweet pea because she is a top event mare, but had a laid back temperment, she even lets noives ride her, and all her foals are super. shes 15 now and …

Shatan or Shatana 
I like them because they sound really cool and Shatan is from the black stallion.

I like the name Shamrock because it reminds me of clovers and Ireland. It sounds soooooooooooo majestic!

carla says i like the name trigger because it is sooooooooooooo cute for a horses name

rum jungle 
it's great for a gentle giant

Shadow and Mystery are the perfect names for a bay horse or pony.

timmy, phonix 
coz datz ma horse i ride timmy and i luv him so much.. phonix is a cul name and ill name my next horse i get it coz i luv river phonix off stand by me …

tardy star 
it is a cute name for a horses with white socks a chestnut body witha white star on the head like one of my horses

I love this name because it reminds me of a jewel called a ruby.I love Jewels! My other favorite is Jewely_Girl..Which is better?Ruby or Jewely_Girl?

It sounds pretty.

Sweet Pete 
Sweet Pete is my 30 year old gelding! I luv him!!!And it makes me think of a sweet horse galloping through clouds.

Star was a little colt foal I used to own.His mother was called Flicka his father was called Courage.He was black with a white star on his forehead.Sadly …

I used to ride a horse Named Sasha. She a Quarter Horse/Arabian mix. She is a chocolate bay and looks like velvet! (funny story>)One time I had already …

He's my horse and my fav because he is only 2 years and is still considered a baby!!

I really like that name for a horse, especailly

Thriving Ivory 
It just seemed to fit, Thriving Ivory had a white mane and ivory is white and it just clicked with her.

Rory Not rated yet
Thats my horses name!

Sunburst Not rated yet
I like this name because it is full of life and also reminds me of the candy "Starburst".

Rosalind or Yasmeen Not rated yet
Why .... cause that is my horses`namee and i lovee her so muuuch

Shatum Not rated yet
Shatum lived for 22 years. She was the best friend a girl could have. She was gentle and she taught a lot of girls how to ride a horse. She wasn't pretty …

sir digby chicken ceasar Not rated yet
because it like, sounds posh, ad its like, a dinner i really like to, like.

tiki or jazmine Not rated yet
i think they are very unique

Troy Not rated yet
coase its a simple gorgeous name

splash Not rated yet
Because that is my ponies name and it's like a name that shows his personality

splash Not rated yet
Because that is my ponies name and it's like a name that shows his personality

Starlight Not rated yet
I love the horses Name alot

Roxi Not rated yet
well i already got 4 poniiz but i went with ma best m8 to get one today... it was called rosa but she already got a dog called rosy so it would be a bit …

Shebby, Colipo, Jasper, Whippy, Chippy, Clover, Willow Not rated yet
Well, i love those names coz i ride horses and own them and that is there name.

wildfire Not rated yet
it sounds fast and powerful

Sunny Not rated yet
It's my horses name, so don't steal it!

twilight Not rated yet
because not only is it a film and a book and a character in a book its a gd name 4 grey horses.

skittels Not rated yet
it's the name of a shetland pony i ride. she is up-tight and bucks, so i think her name should be sour skittels!

Sahara Not rated yet
I like the name Sahara because awhile back i bought a purebred quarter horse who was a proper dun..She looks just like spirit with the stockings and the …

star Not rated yet
it a short name

star Not rated yet
it a short name

star Not rated yet
it a short name

Vic Not rated yet
because this is my horses name and its short for victory

snowy Not rated yet
because my horse is white so if it snowy it can fit in!

sysco Not rated yet
I like this name because it sounds cool and i like the sound of it.

Starlight Not rated yet
I like the name Starlight because It's a great name for a Horse.

storm Not rated yet
that is a cute name

so many ! Not rated yet
i yust send some names :) Paper,trixie,sugerspot,spotted picture,dancing star, spencer,pixie, margeroo faramel, el piro, trevor,tracy, spixie, abdele, …

Ruby Not rated yet
Because a lot of little girls like to have mares.And it fits great with bay horses

sunraider Not rated yet
i like sun raider because it represents wild ,free,and proud

StarLight Not rated yet
It is in memory of my dear horse Tessa who died of lamanitus she was a famous dressage horse.

Straw Dancer Not rated yet
This was my trainers first eventing horse and i loved the name! They hardly ever placed below first!

Xaviour Not rated yet
I like this name because Xaviour sounds like a wild name i want my horse to be somewhat energetic.

TREVOR Not rated yet

star gazer Not rated yet
i have a qt. horse and she is a red roan with little white spots on her butt that look like stars also., i think this is a cool horse name

starlight Not rated yet
because it sounds pretty and i like black horses and it sounds like a goood name for a black horse

rowdy Not rated yet
rowdy is the name of my horse and it fits him a lot. so if your horse is skittish like mine that is a great name.

Smart Not rated yet
i named her smart because it reminds me of my niece who is smart and also very fund of horses and ponies.

Rally Not rated yet
It reminds me my dog, Riley

Suki and Candace Not rated yet
pretty and unique

Scetch Not rated yet
becuse it sounds like a name for someone who likes to draw,LIKE ME!

Zafeer Not rated yet
Because it is my horses name

RD Jovani Not rated yet
WOW We got him for only $750 from Dare to Dream Farm

Whizz Not rated yet
I like the name Whizz because my pony was really fast so i called it Whizz.

Teddy Not rated yet
It is a very cute name!

Sherlock Not rated yet
It's my horses name.

*~*Roanie*~* Not rated yet
Cause that is my real horses name and i just LOVE it!

VINE Not rated yet
Why? well what do vine's do? they grow ,and one day is when there gonna grow old and very ill i think of the of the name (vine) a symbol of life.And after …

vinchenzo [vinnie for short] Not rated yet
I have a pony named vinchenzo and he is as cute as a button he's kinda difficult but fun to ride. I also think it is a good name for a bay pony or horse. …

Shackle Not rated yet
First of all i like this name for an arabian horse because it goes with the flare inside that keeps them going just like the slaves who were "shackles". …

Star Dancer, Spirit , Hope, Dainty, Graceful Not rated yet
1. Star Dancer sounds so pretty for a horse. 2. Spirit like of the movie and when im around horses it brightens my spirit. 3. Hope is a good name for …

scout Not rated yet
it my old horse picture of me nd scout

slim shady  Not rated yet
because he has the style and loves listen to slim shady's music =]

Torro Not rated yet
because i have never heard a horse called TORRO and it is sooooooooocute!!!

Sugar Not rated yet
Well Cadillac is a fun and a super funky name

Starlight Not rated yet
It sounds so mystical and soft sounding. If I get a horse (hopefully), I would name it that.

shiloh Not rated yet
my dad named her. -Christy J.

Stocking Stuffer Not rated yet
It i so cute. Especially for a little chestnut, roan, or bay pony

shadow Not rated yet
It is a great name Fore a black and depending on what kind of eventing he/she does you can modify it to be whatever you want and because I named all my …

rolly Not rated yet
rolly (my pony)loves to roll he has definitely earned it

roxette Not rated yet
it is funky

Sierra Not rated yet
sierra is an awesome name it is the name of a horse in one of the best books i have read it is a good book for horse lovers like me!

racer and  Not rated yet
i like racer because i think they have such because racermakes me think of strong and fast but i do not have a horse

Tahiti Not rated yet
I ride a horse named Tahiti. She's really cute, and it's a really cool name.

Regi Not rated yet
I like the name Regi because my favorite horse is named Regi.

velvet Not rated yet
she has a velvet touch

velvet Not rated yet
she has a velvet touch

Red Not rated yet
It is my first pony`s name and he is amazing! I love him sooooooooooooooooo much. I am dressing him up as santa claus in a couple days for a parade and …

Small Clydesdale Not rated yet
This is a horse I drew when I was.. very bored. I made it small, that way I wouldn't have to shade in a big horse :P If you would like to see more of my …

Trigger Not rated yet
because my horse is called Trigger and he is AWESOME!!! honestly if you knew him you would love him!!! he is the best horse in the world. hes an Arab and …

shuffle or Niko Not rated yet
well i just basically came up with the names and i really like then but this summer i'm getting my first horse finally in my life! …

Sarge Not rated yet
It is tough and awesome.

Sky Not rated yet
It is a soothing name and that horse is really a smooth rider.

seraiah Not rated yet
has a beauty to it

Stellaloona  Not rated yet
Because I know a horse and i just fell in love at first sight i love her!!!

Roxy Not rated yet
because i love the brand and when ever i get a stuffed dog, cat, or horse its always named Roxy.

rascal Not rated yet
if your horse is a bit cheeky or naughty then the name rascal is the name for your horse! i came up with the name when my friend thomas said his horse …

Sundance Not rated yet
-It looks dark red like the sun -It also like to prance and dance on the spot

Splash Not rated yet
He was the first horse I ever rode.He is such a big sweetie (16 hh).He is so beautiful and talented. I love the name Splash!:)

tayla Not rated yet
its my friends name

Socks Not rated yet
it's just cute and my auntie used too have a pony called socks x

Seashell, Raincloud and Honeybee Not rated yet
These are a few of the not-so-nice horse names I made up. Seashell:The name is so sweet and would be great for a dappled mare Raincloud:This name would …

Tinkerbell Not rated yet
I like that name because my horse is a bit like tinkerbell from peter pan! :)

Warrior's Heart (For short Warrior) Not rated yet
Ummmmmm............ I donna. I just know that i would like to have a black/dark bay thoroughbred with that name! :) :D :P There r other names that i like …

tucker Not rated yet
i think the name tucker sounds so adorable. plus ots really fun to say!!!

Tyson  Not rated yet
It's my dog's name it sounds so cool.

sugarcube  Not rated yet
horses love shugar and i think shugurcube sounds like A sweet horse too

shadow faux Not rated yet
it is the name that the white wizards horse had in lord of the rings

Skye Not rated yet
i donno i just LOVE this name ¢¾

taz  Not rated yet
because it is my free fav letters and i love the name

Rupert Not rated yet
I love this name, because is reminds me of the great times i have had with my horse. i love him more they words can say!!

Thunder Not rated yet
it is my real horses name and my moms horses name was thunder and my dads horses name was thunder

Sophia's Horses Not rated yet
I have always wanted a horse but my mom says I can't have one she doesn't me to get hurt that's why I am horse crazy!

Tomahawk Not rated yet
I love the name tomahawk because that's my horses name. Well hes a pony but that still counts. And hes an appaloosa so it is an indian thing. and appaloosas …

valencia Not rated yet
i pick it because it is my name and i think my name is nice and i will fill happy if i had at least one horse name after me

White Magic Not rated yet
If u had a pure white horse then its like magic and its white!!!! (also works with black..... Black horse black magic!!!!)

twinkle and beauty Not rated yet
because i think twinkle is cos it reminds me about the stars and beauty reminds me of the film beauty.

Simba Not rated yet
I think Simba is a good name for a horse because well number #1 my horse's name is Simba. Another reason is because he has the heart of a lion. The name …

Ziggy Not rated yet
I don't know why. It's just my horses name lol I love it though

Spitfire Not rated yet
Because this is an awesome name!

Tally Not rated yet
That is my riding horse

Rocky Not rated yet
I like this name for a Kentucky Mountain Horse.

silldarella (sel-da-rella) Not rated yet
Because that's my favorite horse ever shes a grey (white) and beautiful. She's a arabian.

Unicorn Not rated yet
Unicorns mostly resemble a horse. Right know on www.howrse.com i named my horse that because her coat is white. It is such a pretty name!!!

Rampage Not rated yet
because i like wild horses.

Three Days Grace Not rated yet
I think it'd be an adorable gray mare name. possibly a pony.

Silver Not rated yet
I do not know why I like the name Silver, but it's a good name for a horse that has a silvery body

Spice Not rated yet
well i rode a horse called spice and loved him very much!

To the Moon and Beyond Not rated yet
I love this because it is such a pretty show name and it shows that the horse or pony is willing to do anything, no matter how impossible it seems, and …

starlight Not rated yet
Because I have a horse

Veronica Not rated yet
my welsh ponies name is veronica.

stormtime and topgun Not rated yet
because I look after topgun and stormtime was the first horse I rode.

James, Dakota, Montana.... Not rated yet
Pluto, Jupiter, Satern, Coco, Zip, Zack, Cody, Lola, Roxy, Foxy, Nick I just like all of these names, and cauz i think they are cute! =D

starjumper Not rated yet
i like it because STARJUMPER just sounds so cool like she could jump threw the sky or jump over the stars STARJUMPER sound like a cool name for a horse. …

starjumper Not rated yet
i like it because STARJUMPER just sounds so cool like she could jump threw the sky or jump over the stars STARJUMPER sound like a cool name for a horse. …

Why I love Horses Not rated yet
I love horses because they are such amazing creatures! They are fun, loving, funny, crazy, beautiful, and amazing animals! When I am riding it's like …

Shyanne Not rated yet
because i have a pony named Shyanne i spell it like that because i like that way but the real way is like the city in Wyoming. please comment i have never …

we love HORSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not rated yet

Whisper Not rated yet
it sounds mysterious and beautiful i would choose it for my horse because i am not any of those things!!!!!!!!!

tinkerbel Not rated yet
it's fun!

Stony Not rated yet
I think that name is REALLY cute!

Sunny Day Not rated yet
It always makes me think of a beautiful sunny shiny day!

spice Not rated yet
because it is my ponies name

1) Red Hot Chilli Pepper. 2) Secret of Zorro. 3) Blazing Glory. 4) Mudiwa Melissa Not rated yet
1) Sounds like a cool name for a chestnut. You can call him Chilli or Pepper 2) I just love the name Zorro, for a jet black thoroughbred or warmblood …

Sam! Not rated yet
Hi, i'm called Lilly, and i love the name for a horse Sam.....(because it is my boyfriends name) SO FUNNY! Anyway Bye, me and sam are going out …

Raven or Lucy Lu Lu Not rated yet
i love my horse Dark Raven, and Lucy was my first pony ever so its really cute!

Star Not rated yet
I like that because you picture in the dark sky the stars and you know that you've picked that one star you've been dreaming about.

Ziggy Not rated yet
This is my fav horse name because it sounds really cute and it really fits a horse that has a personality.

Tyral Not rated yet
i'm training a horse named Tyral and i think he is very BEAUTIFUL!

Xeader the Magnificent Not rated yet
I like this name because, well, it's a cool name. It sounds kinda mysterious, and fiery, yet gentle too. Xeader is pronounced ZLAY-DER, and well, you can …

Tink Not rated yet
i don't really know. That was just the name i knew i would name my horse, if it fit her, of course.

starlight Not rated yet
because my horse is called starlight

rimish  Not rated yet
i like the name

sky Not rated yet
my favorite horse name is sky because I have one and she is white with brown spots on her she is a beauty I am 12 years old and my name is tristan

Star Gazer Not rated yet
i don't no why i just love the name thin about and here come star gazer

Simplicity Sake Not rated yet
I chose this name randomly for a horse that passed away last year because if the owner had taken care of it (taking care of a horse is pretty "simple") …

Smokey Not rated yet
Smokey is SOOOO adorable! He is a 7 year old Quarter Horse, and is a smoky black color :) I like the name "Smokey" because it sounds kind of cute and kind …

Sunset Blvd. Not rated yet
I think that name is really funny and would be cute, especially for a palamino

Reseaka Not rated yet
well it suits my horse cause shes out going,confident and has good character i chose that name because of the love in that horses heart and it has a good …

Starlight  Not rated yet
its the name of a horse in "The Sadddle Club"

Rain Not rated yet
Rain because it is beautiful, and my horse was pregnant and then she gave birth to a red and white overo filly, so then I thought Rain would be a good …

Sir. Star Not rated yet
Because that name makes me think of a gorges. Dappled grey stallion that has a star on this nose!

Shan Not rated yet
Because i have a horse called Shan. I go on long rides with him. I go on pony camps with him i go to shows with him. He iz a gorgeous brown colour and …

star Not rated yet
its a wonderful name for silver horses,and horses with markings on thery forheads

Spinnin duals, and.... Not rated yet
Just a lil good competition but i call him Camo, My Brisk , and Presto. Spinnin duals( Dually )- is my barrel horse and he is as wide as a dually truck. …

Rocky Not rated yet
because that is my horses name and it sounds cool and at the same time sweet!

Sonya, Sonador, & Fred Not rated yet
I love the name Fred because he is my favorite horse. His name fits him perfectly! When I hear the name Fred or Freddy I think of a little boy and that's …

Sonya, Sonador, & Fred Not rated yet
I love the name Fred because he is my favorite horse. His name fits him perfectly! When I hear the name Fred or Freddy I think of a little boy and that's …

Sonya, Sonador, & Fred Not rated yet
I love the name Fred because he is my favorite horse. His name fits him perfectly! When I hear the name Fred or Freddy I think of a little boy and that's …

skye Not rated yet
it describes a horse that might be intellagent,peaceful,and even fast!

Stardust Not rated yet
I just think it's so sparkly and full of mystery

Script and Jewel Not rated yet
i like the name script because i rode a horse named script at a camp i went to and i like Jewel because she was the first horse i ever rode other than …

storm Not rated yet
The name reminds me of storms.

Skywalker Not rated yet
I like the starwars movie and I think Luke and annakin skywalker are so cute.

SunDance Not rated yet
I like the name Sun Dance 'cause it's the name of a beautiful new foal of a mare Appaloosa at my horse rinding lessons! She's SO adorable!

spice Not rated yet
because its a realy nice name and i love spicy things!!

Rocky Road Not rated yet
This is good for a bay.

Spirit, Felicia and Penelope Not rated yet
Spirit because it is a horse name from my favourite movie.Felicia is the name from my favourite horse.I don`t know why I like Penelope but I just like …

Xtravagance Not rated yet
its gracefull and an exotic name. one of the morgans i work with has that name.

Sky's the Limit Not rated yet
It would make a great racing horse! I can just picture a fast thoroughbred with that name! The horse would be energetic, affectionate, and would run lightning …

snowy Not rated yet
becuz it seems very nice.lol.

Trixy Not rated yet
trixy well because its a cool name for a horse and it sounds as if they can do lots of tricks

starlight Not rated yet
Its a really pretty name, stars are very bright and light is bright too so they are very pretty together.

sasha Not rated yet
it is sweet and girly and is the best horse name in the universe.and it is also a humans name and it is quite rare

Rain drop Not rated yet
I just like because I think it is very cute.

twilight, moonshine, tex, midnight, frost, pip, storm, goliath, fin, hercules, ziggy, teather, shadow, moosey, silver mist, kaze, sunni, snow Not rated yet
i like some of them cuz they r in the "my secret unicorn" books by Linda Chapman. i also like the other names because i have found pics of horses on the …

zhaivgo Not rated yet
becaues it is my horses name

slivermist Not rated yet
because slivermist is a pretty name for a sliverdun sliverduns are my dream horses.

sissy Not rated yet
because i'ts the name of the horse i lease

Seraph Not rated yet
Hi! Seraph is another of my fave horse names. I accidentally discovered it while looking for a book of the Bible on a Wednesday evening Bible study. …

star Not rated yet
because i like horses with stars on the head and its a beautiful name

star Not rated yet
because i like horses with stars on the head and its a beautiful name

rose Not rated yet
because my pony is called it and I think it is realy cute and I realy wish I was called that

Socks Not rated yet
I have alot of favs but Socks is my FAVORITE. On Horse Isle my first horse ever (that i still have) is a bay quater horse (qh)named Socks! I got him at …

Strawberry Poppy Tilly Poly Soverine Petra Maisy Not rated yet
The first four because I love them soooo much and they were the best to ride and most willing to jump. Soverine because he is the colour of a coin and …

sparkle Not rated yet
because its a lovely name and its a name for a pony.

Scout Not rated yet
My bay Arab mare is called Scout (I chose the name myself) an it really fits.

tall dark and hansome (tdh) Not rated yet
it would be the perfect name for a cute black 16 hand horse!!! our barn had a horse that was named that!!! but he passed away. but he was one of my favorite …

Rainy sky Not rated yet
my cats name

Toasted Coconut Not rated yet
I think it is really cute and funny. It makes you think of sweet and happy.

Whispers to the midnite jewels(aka star ) Not rated yet
Whispers, midnite, and jewels are all my dogs names. so i just put them together.

Storm Not rated yet
If I had a horse I would name it Storm because that is my crushes name is and plus I think it would be a sweet name so I don't and won't forget about …

Willow and Eli Not rated yet
Willow is my show horse and she has taught me so much about patience! and Eli is my BLM mustang that I am training for Extreme Mustang Makeover: Yearling …

twilight Not rated yet
its catchy and sounds nice

~Southern' Sunset~ Not rated yet
I don't know why, i just like it cuz its pretty... and its good for Stallions,Geldings,or Mares. :) (:

She's got a Hemi Not rated yet
She is one of a couple thoroughbreds that i ride at my farm, and i love all of her gaits and also the way she jumps!

Roman Not rated yet
** **

Tango and Buffy Not rated yet
my mare had a colt and i named him Tango and my mares name was buffy .

Wynter Not rated yet
I've ALWAYS liked that name for a white or creamed-colored horse.

sunny Not rated yet
it makes me think about the beautiful palomino horse with a cream color mane and tail, in the story my friend and I are writing.

George Not rated yet
This Is My Fave Name Because It Is My Old Ponies Name Who Is Now Sold. I Went To Lots Of Affiliated Jumping Shows And Won Loads

Smokin' Galaxy Warrior Not rated yet
This name reminds me of a Tennessee Walker. I have always wanted a Tennessee Walking Horse and so this name is reserved for when ever I get one!

Willow, Gallant and Meadow Not rated yet
My favorite is Gallant and Willow.I think of some kind tall dapple gray gelding. very talented.And a small adorable chestnut mare.

Spero, Gardenia  Not rated yet
You can basically give Spero to any horse, but I used it on my mouse since I had to give up my other one. "Spero" translates as "Hope" in Latin. I would …

Shadowfax Not rated yet
Because it is the name of the strong and gallant horse in Lord of Rings.

Wexford Autumn Rose  Not rated yet
It's elegant and i just love it!

Shian Yankee Not rated yet
At my aunt's work, there is Always a Yankee, Yankee Charisma, and Rising Yankee. I love all those mares and I just love the name Shian.

Splash Not rated yet
It is a beautiful and great name, perfect for almost any horse!

starlight Not rated yet
She is my pony and just had a baby, this name is great for a beatiful white pony. P.S hi to everyone who sees this.

starfighter Not rated yet
because it is a pretty rare name and i just think it is an awsome name!

sweetheart Not rated yet
because the horse is sweet

sonyador Not rated yet
it means dreamer in Spanish

Viking's Ghost Not rated yet
Just a cool name all around, it carries weight, even if your horse isn't gray!

Zeus Not rated yet
I won the israly championship with him.... I love him he is also the first horse in my life and the first horse i ever rode.....

shamrock or fliker. Not rated yet
because they are nice names.

Senator Not rated yet
because I like hockey and because it sounds powerful, and determined

Shallow, Madison, Sandi, Gabby, Water Lilly, Romeo, Roomer, Cowgirl, Aggie, Dulley Not rated yet
These are my personal favorites because they match the horse perfectly. and if your like me i love horses and just can't live without them, and i like …

SUGAR, COOKIE... Not rated yet
MIDNIGHT, STAR, SUNSHINE, LONDON Because they are all great names for horses and ponies. Oh and my name is Taylor but you can call me TayTay if you …

Takko, Mo, Phoenix Not rated yet
I don't know why I like these names. They're just "horsey"- they fit to horses.

Zanziber, Revolver Not rated yet
I like Zanziber because it's a fancy beautiful name. And I like Revolver because it reminds me of cowboy horses.

Tilly-may Shadow Willow Breeze Hallow Saffy Aka Careba Genie Prancing Summer and Lotty  Not rated yet
i like the names because they are original and some of them are my horse's names.

Snowy, Goldflake and Seamus. Not rated yet
I LIKE THE NAME SNOWY BECAUSE... I like the snow, and I really like white horses. I think a white Arab would really be perfectly suited for this name. …

summer Not rated yet
my horses name is that

Shakin' Throne Not rated yet
This is my favourite horse name because I play on howrse and it is the name of my best horse.

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