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Little Miss Ladybug 
I have no idea why I like it. I guess it is because I was lookin at names at the horse show and kept on seein "little Miss". When I got home I looked at …

Desert Queen,Majestic Sky, Victory, Mountain, Evanesence, Rosalie, Esme, Wonderful Pride, Honey, Bambi, Fallyn, Spirit, Rain, Esperanza, Hevan't Last Victory, …

i love this name because its my pony's name ! and he is the best pony in the world x x hes a 13.3 show pony his showing name is hamire prince charming …

Moon Dancer  
I like this name because it has a certain feel to it that is hard to explain. Plus it sounds very unique and different.

Marley, Bonnie, Rocky,Roxy and Fliss 
Marley- It is really cute and fun. It would be good for a palomino. Bonnie- Because it was my old ponies name and i miss her very much and because it …

I really like this name because ... it was my pony when i used to go to my riding stables, but i am having my own horse soon and i might call him Monty!!!! …

I like the name Missy because it sounds cheeky and cute. it also sounds friendly at the same time!

Mystique or Firenze 
A name fit for a queen for a horse fit for a queen. This horse will leave you in awe with your mouth hanging open.

Magic Faith 
Because it sounds so faithful and reliable and magical it would suit a black stallion

Milly, Buster, Beth, Midnight and Shy Cloud!! 
1. Milly is the name of the horse that I get to ride whenever I want and I love her! 2. Buster is the name of my big cousin's horse! 3. Beth is a name …

I think this would be a great name for a black horse. Why? well i don't think i need to tell you that!

First i must say i did not come up with this name .it is from the Thoroughbred series of books,so i take no credit in this name.i just want people to …

Because that is my best horses name and he is my best friend!!!!

It sounds mysterious!

Mystical Illusion 
This is my horse's name. i like it because it sounds kinda magical and it suits my horse.....at least i think it does.

Midnight's Dream 
I've liked Midnight's Dream since I was a little girl.

private and jake.  
My horses name is Private and my best friends horse is Jake. I like these names because they sound very easy going and gentle.

Because it's my horses name and my horse is really cool.

i think its a good name because quinn is my fave horse at my riding school!

Prancer is my fav horse name because my horse loves to Prance around with other horses in the feild. Prancer fits my little girl!!

This is my favorite horse name because my first horse was named Monk and he died Feb.9 of old age. He taught be SOO much. I will also be grateful for that. …

Because I love the things that are sometimes mystical about horses when they gallop!:-)

New Moon 
Because every time I hear it I think of a wild black Mustang stallion galloping across the desert in Nevada!

Autumn is a good name for a horse if it is born in the Autumn.

Luna it means boss in Hawaiian  
i already have a horse his name is red but i have always wanted a cleven bay stallion and i would name him Luna!!!!

Moonlight Not rated yet
Because i have got a pony called Moonlight and it really suits it because she was born in the moonlight. She is a grey Highland pony and has had about …

Mia and dreamer Not rated yet
My fav horse names are Mia and dreamer. I like Mia because it sounds really cute and pretty for a girl horse. Another girl horse name is Dreamer, and that …

Sofie Not rated yet
I think its a cute name.

Emm Well i own 20 i showjump 2 1.50 leval xx Not rated yet
Dollar.. bundy.. sabastuion.. patricia.. peyroux.. shelly.. sandy pepsi.. lady.. co-co.. james.. freckles.. spirit.. archie.. lucy.. nd …

Mitzi Not rated yet
I luv the name Mitzi because my 4 year old mare is called Mitzi.It is a cheeky sort of name so it suits some ponies.I think it suits brown or creamy white …

princess Not rated yet
she looks like the princess of the world she is a quarter horse American paint and very beautiful. she is very muscular

misti,lockur,danny,calico,bobby,greg,mishmish,linny..... Not rated yet
i love these names, bowie,fella,toby,buster,teddy,strider,dusty,merango,monty, sunrise,lucky,mickey,currant,charlie.twilight,honey,acorn, acre,apple,daisy,peaches,raspb …

~Liberty~ Not rated yet
This name is so beautiful and it really suits a black stalion with a storong spirit.

Percy Jones (P.J) Not rated yet
I think it is so adorable for a little chestnut gelding! But if you want a name for a big horse I think Caspien and Trinity are amazing.

murphy Not rated yet
because it is my pony's name!lol

Lady Brave, Song of The Wind and Chione. Not rated yet
My first born arabian Filly I've named Lady Brave. She is so beautiful and brave. My first arabian horse was named Song of the Wind. He was my best …

princess Not rated yet
because i think its a kool name and id love a horse called princess its probably a different name 2 any 1 else who has a horse coz its a unusual name but …

names of gods/planets Not rated yet
because if you want a powerful name, i guess a god, goddess or planet's name is quit suitable. eg.: -Zeus -Hera -Apollo -Artemis -Aphrodite -Hades …

patch,midnight,chestnut. Not rated yet
I like naming horses because i have little toy ones.i call them all different names and these are the three different names i like.

Precious Not rated yet
it's a name that others can know that you love your horse

pret-a-porter (porter) Not rated yet
because it means ready to where and its so cute

plug n' play Not rated yet
because that's what my pony's show name is! we call him lance though.

Midnight Not rated yet
I love black horses and I think that is the BEST name for them

Peridot Not rated yet
My dream horse would have beautiful green eyes, just like peridots, plus its really original. :)

Mustang Sally Not rated yet
My favorite mare was named Mustang Sally...and it's so southern sounding! Plus a great song...

Life in Technicolor Not rated yet
it's a great song and sounds like a pretty name. maybe for a paint?

Pandora's box & Fly like superman Not rated yet
Bc i like them

moxie Not rated yet
its cute and it was then name of the first horse i ever rode

oreo Not rated yet
I love Oreo for a black and white horse because well it suits an Oreo and horse. MY horses name is Oreo too! He tries to eat things that are black and …

MOON DANCER!! Not rated yet
Because my absolout favorit horse in the world is named that!!! He's a 4 year old Thourobred/Quarter Horse Palamino gelding. It suits him perfectly because …

Marble  Not rated yet
because the eye of my horse is like a marble!!

Nevada Not rated yet
I might get a horse named nevada and it will be my first horse.I am super excited.

landscape Not rated yet
landscape is a good horse name for a painter because most painters are from a land form whitch were sunk into the sea most of the 85 million painters sevived …

Laddie - a name for a boy Not rated yet
It's a cool sounding name plus, it is the name of my horse.

Prince of Pride Not rated yet
you can call him pop and i imagine a stallion. i really like that name.

no clue Not rated yet
we need a perfect unique name for a gelding

[Pippi] Long sox Not rated yet
this is the best name because it is my horse's name that is why but is the best because you can have many nick names her name is long sox but I call her …

October Not rated yet
why? well i like that name and i like dark brown or redish brown horses and that makes me think of the month october or my birth month,August. those months …

October Not rated yet
why? well i like that name and i like dark brown or redish brown horses and that makes me think of the month october or my birth month,August. those months …

Peter Rabbit Not rated yet
I ride a pony named Peter Rabbit. I like his name because it makes him sound like a bunny. At my stables there are lots of cool names like: Libestraum …

Princess Not rated yet
because horses r sooooooooooo

Lady Luck Not rated yet
That is what I want to rename my horse, because she is lucky to have been saved (from an abusive home).

Lightning  Not rated yet
lightning is my fave horse name because it makes me think of jet black stallion with a pure white star or blaze.Gorgeous

midnight ride and moon runner Not rated yet
i think it would be a great name for a black horse because at midnight it is very dark and black and moon runner would be good for a race horse

Midnight  Not rated yet
It sounds like the horse is dark and black with shiny black/blue hare in the moonlight

Midnight  Not rated yet
It sounds like the horse is dark and black with shiny black/blue hare in the moonlight

penney Not rated yet
because my mom name was that before she died

patch Not rated yet
i had a horse called patch but she sadly passed away

patch Not rated yet
i had a horse called patch but she sadly passed away

Over The Moon Not rated yet
There is this pony who's name is Over The Moon and I think that, that is a really cool name because the pony is so awesome and would pretty much jump the …

misty Not rated yet
because i cantered with her for my first time...

quinee Not rated yet
Because my horse is the queen of everything

Misty Not rated yet
I think this name is simple, but is also mysterious and pretty. I love it, and if i had a mare i would call her this... - but i have a gelding!!!

petter+tiny Not rated yet
Petter is a isländer and 1,40 big and tiny is a big horse an sweet and a girl petter is a boy tiny is a wolkinhorse

Midnight Storm Not rated yet
A great name. Especially for a powerful black horse!

Moira Not rated yet
It's a beautiful, feminine Irish name. I am Irish on my mom's side, so it was important to me to find an Irish name.

Pebbles Not rated yet
Pebbles would definitely be my favorite horse name because when I was 7, Pebbles was my favorite riding pony at my riding school. Pebbles is still …

oats  Not rated yet
i like the name oats because it reminds me of oats (type of horse food ) if u don't know

lojack Not rated yet
he is my first horse ever

lollia Not rated yet
It is a verry pretty name for a horse.

patch,prancer,diablo Not rated yet
there the names of my favorite character lisa's horses from the saddle club

neddie or scarlett Not rated yet
well i like neddie because its cute and my pony is called that we call him nedsters lol also scarlett cause its pretty my other horse

Melody Not rated yet
I think it is so pretty and makes you feel relaxed.

Melody Not rated yet
I think it is so pretty and makes you feel relaxed.

Melody Not rated yet
I think it is so pretty and makes you feel relaxed.

Melody Not rated yet
I think it is so pretty and makes you feel relaxed.

Melody Not rated yet
I think it is so pretty and makes you feel relaxed.

Moonlight Rose Not rated yet
Because I think the moonlight is beautiful, and roses smell great.

oscar Not rated yet
it just is

Legend Not rated yet
its majestic and pretty

Lucky  Not rated yet
All horses have something unique about them and it's luck-not only luck, all different sorts of it!!

Lightning Not rated yet
it different and i don`t know any other horse with this name. and he`s my fave pony

Pete Not rated yet
I like this name because it is plain but has style and personality if you give it to the right horse. Also, it's funky and cute. Maegan- …

Midnight Gem Not rated yet
she was a horse at my stables who had to be put down.:(

mr feilx fox Not rated yet
because i go drag hunting

princess rosie bgar Not rated yet
because its the name of ma beautiful Norwegian fjord and she is the best horse u cud ever have.

La Kota Not rated yet
because i put a feather in his mane and he looked like an indian pony.

Loki Not rated yet
greek god of deceit + trickery. perfect for a spirited, stubborn horse

prancer Not rated yet
he cute and funny

Prince Not rated yet
because i love him he is the best show pony eve he is so lovely i love his colour liver chestnut he is 13.2 . i also have 3 other horses named ozzy who …

Sha-eera Not rated yet
Sha-eera means Poetess in Arabic. If I ever get an Arab I'll give it this name

Little Miss LadyBug Not rated yet
You can call your horse Miss, Missy, Little Miss, Little Miss LadyBug, Miss Lady, Miss LadyBug, Little Lady, or LadyBug! It sounds cute!

Meno ( Shulay Elegance)  Not rated yet
Because they are my horse`s Name:D

Passion Fruit Not rated yet
i really don't know why but i guess it's because that's my horse's name but i don't know

mischief maker Not rated yet
because my ponys name is mischief maker. I chose it because he was always making trouble.He is a stallion.

Paprika Not rated yet
I think Paprika is a great name for a chestnut horse because it matches the colour and is a nice name for a horse anyway.

Lady Not rated yet
its my mares name

Melemerby Not rated yet
because Melemerby is named after a beach and i wrote a famous horse stories on that! it really fits a skewbald if u have 1! on howrse im westernrider75 …

Oddball, Jets of Betty, GrannySmith... Not rated yet
If I got an Appy i'd call him/her Oddball, and if I got a Black/Chestnut i'd call it Jets of Betty, and if I were to get a Grey i'd call it GrannySmith …

PANCHO Not rated yet

Maverick Not rated yet
He is sweet,loving, and fun to ride. He would never buck or injure anyone. He is fast but only if you want him to be and he is more gentle then any of …

Living the Dream [Ana] Not rated yet
Because everyone has a dream and with a horse im living my own dream. I believe that the name represents pride courage,and hope to believe that dreams …

My horse Not rated yet
I am crazy about horses because they are so cute. And riding them is fun it is like the best thing to do in the world.Ive been loving horses since I was …

lila Not rated yet
i just love it its so magic and fantasy its a cool name to its just so fun

Midnight Sun Not rated yet
It's the title of a really good book and would sound really good as a horse's name! :)

Madame Justice Not rated yet
my first horse was named that and i luv her

Lily  Not rated yet
she is the horse I ride and I luv her!

ME Not rated yet
unfortunately (for Me) i don't have a horse but ... my dad got a bonus and a promotion and he says that MAYBE when he has had a couple more promotions …

Pranca Not rated yet
I love this name! I think it would suit a chestnut! It makes me feel warm inside for some strange reason.

Phantom Not rated yet
Because it is a nice name for a horse.

Princy Not rated yet
Princy was a very sweet horse that my grandma told story's about him all the time and his name should be carried on!!!

poop Not rated yet
sucks!! i want to make my own character!! clubpenguin is 10000000000000000000000000 times better in every way

Monty! Not rated yet
Hi, I'm Georgina and i love the pony name.........Monty, because it was my favorite pony's name, at my riding school! But a few weeks ago he had a very …

Monty! Not rated yet
Hi, I'm Georgina and i love the pony name.........Monty, because it was my favorite pony's name, at my riding school! But a few weeks ago he had a very …

Monty! Not rated yet
Hi, I'm Georgina and i love the pony name.........Monty, because it was my favorite pony's name, at my riding school! But a few weeks ago he had a very …

Midnight Spark Not rated yet
I would be a cool western horse name. I think it would fit a all black horse with a snip or star!!

merla Not rated yet
it was the name of my grandmas horse and it is beautiful

Pepper Not rated yet
That's my last name.

Hero Not rated yet
I love this horse name because it is so cute and it totally fits a gentla horse like the one i own!

onyxx Not rated yet
he is my horse

PONCHO Not rated yet
I just love it! It's my horse's name,too.

midnight train to Georgia- Midnight for short Not rated yet
I like the song and it is a cool name to me.

moon shadow Not rated yet
it's my fave because it's my fave horse's name

mossie Not rated yet
its different and cute and very unusual

Mitzy Not rated yet
because i can see a shetland pony having that name

*Prince* Not rated yet
it means that he is loyal to you!:D

princess rain Not rated yet
cuz it is my baby girl soon she is going to have a baby! she is a black mare

Little Rasian Not rated yet
Well it was my first horse's name and i loved her very much. Now she is dead and i miss her more then ever. She was my best friend and my greatest helper …

Patch Not rated yet
Because it's from a program i like and i think it sounds lovely and is very cute. i also like this horse name because it looks cute with these chestnut …

Plumb Bonita Not rated yet
because my MARES NAME IS Plumb Bonita and i think that it is really pretty

Little Joe Not rated yet
I have a horse named Little Joe and he so CUTE!!! He's a short little paint horse.

Luna Not rated yet
I love the name Luna! (after the moon) And there was this *beautiful* horse I knew who had the shape of the moon on her Back!

Moon Shadow Not rated yet
This is one of my favorites. I don't know why. I also like Edge of Deception, Falling Up, Victory, Lady Liberty, Summer Memories, Firestar, Daizee Breeze, …

Legendary Not rated yet
It sounds so peaceful.

lexi,roper,black comet,lilly dove Not rated yet
because i know this little foal named lexi and shes so cute and nice.because i ride a horse called roper and i love the name.I read the name in a young …

lightning Not rated yet
it sounds like a strong horses name

missy Not rated yet
Because that was my grandmother's horse.

Pink Peach Not rated yet
It starts with the same letter so it sounds neat.

Phantom and Stormy Not rated yet
they and a wild as chincoteague ponies

ponies rock Not rated yet
well so far i like it lets just see how it goes when i join!!!!

Mirri  Not rated yet
Mirri is my fav horse name because it is the name of a brumby in my fav book called the silver brumby

Mirri  Not rated yet
Mirri is my fav horse name because it is the name of a brumby in my fav book called the silver brumby

Mirri  Not rated yet
Mirri is my fav horse name because it is the name of a brumby in my fav book called the silver brumby

lulu Not rated yet
i like lulu becuse she was the horse that i loved at my stable.

Moon shine Not rated yet
moon shine was my horse trainers daughters little pony that i loved but they sold it because she was to big for it. but she got a new pony.

nile Not rated yet
he was the first pony i rode

paige Not rated yet
i think its a gorgous name for an intelligent,friendly horse that is a best friend to all!

Louie Not rated yet
Cos its really cute and my dad had a kitten called louie and it got poisened by a neighbor, so i would be grateful if someone could carry on the name :] …

lacy Not rated yet
beacuse its so graceful and soothing

Purple Mist, Sky Dreamer, Prince Charming, Charm, Secret , Hula Hoop and Bubbles!!! Not rated yet
Purple Mist- Purple Mist is one of my favourite horse names, because it sounds so graceful and majestic. Sky Dreamer- Sky Dreamer sounds like a really …

Mystic Moon Not rated yet
Piebald Paint Horse--Mare

Potomac, Big Boy, Reggie, Peaches, Brie, Dottie, Tokye, Ishvan, MaryAnne Not rated yet
these are the names of some of the horses at the stables where i ride.

luna Not rated yet
i just like the name luna i think it sounds so peceful

moon light Not rated yet
i love that name because it is so cool

moonlight star Not rated yet
she makes me light up and she shines in my heart

Little Joe Not rated yet
Its cute!!!

mighells palais gluide blues Not rated yet
because its my ponys name and he won the horse of the year show he is called mighells palais gluide blues because mighells was the name of his stud …

Majestic Not rated yet
Well ever sinces i was a little girl i loved horses and when i was 10 i was on a feild trip and when i got home my DAD SAID THAT he had a prisent for me …

Moon Not rated yet
Because i just love it and i love paints and if i got a paint its show name would be painted moon!!!!!!

Nyx Not rated yet
It is so mysterious and beautiful, and I love it!

Moondance Not rated yet
it would be a beautiful name for a gray horse

Lady Skywalker Not rated yet
it is my 21 yr old bay championship Natioonal Show Horses name and shes a great jumper standing at 16.1 she flies like the wind her ped is EW Sabask(bask+Sabellina) …

Onyx Not rated yet
Because it goes very well with a very black horse.

Misty Not rated yet
Because she is my beatiful little mare! Misty is a great horse. I only got her a couple weeks ago and guess what?! she comes to the paddock gate when I'm …

prince charming  Not rated yet
It's my horses name!

Pebbles  Not rated yet
because that is my pony's name !!!! x

Prince Caspian Not rated yet
I chose this name because it sounds just like a big and powerful horse even though it is off Narnia.

Millie Not rated yet
Because its my pony's name!!!!She is a beautiful 14hh2 dappled grey Connemara X Thoroughbred mare.

Lightning  Not rated yet
It sounds really powerful, and fast, very noticeable and frightening, yet beautiful to look at all at the same time and it goes both ways, for the horse …

Little Joe Not rated yet
It's cute!!!!

monster Not rated yet
because he was the horse i learned to get my confidence back on then i broke my collar bone on him then just as i had recovered i lost him due to grazing. …

Opeth Not rated yet
According to a book, it is an imaginary city on the moon, and, it is the name of a band I like. I really like it for a black horse.

Misty Not rated yet
Because beautiful horses remind me of the beautiful silver mist and my horses name is Misty and she is FAST!

Pizzaz Not rated yet
Because I *used to* ride an old Appaloosa mare that is now 37 years old!! She is my FAVORITE horse and i know she loves me *even though i sadly dont own …

OA Electric, Whispering Faded Love, Psynbad, SS Pure Elegance, Sivarado TW, Ibn Manhattan, Kitty Hawk, Elvis Not rated yet
i like OA Electric because thats my horses name. she is an 18 year old chestnut arabian mare adn she was born in scottsdale arazona. i like Whispering …

PEARL Not rated yet
Pearl is the nicest horse in the world. She is lazy really lazy she will not trott a whole time time around the arena twice.

Midnight Run Not rated yet
i love that name

penny brownie joe rosie sparky tomson  Not rated yet
they're cool names

Orlos Not rated yet
This name reminds me of honey and it's sweet so it can describe your horse is sweet or a Queen. The name means "Golden Queen" in Elvish. It's a really …

lucky Not rated yet
lucky is my favorite horse, and always will be! me and my friend were out riding, and a storm rolled in so we ran back to her yard to get them untacked, …

Onyx Not rated yet
Onyx is a type of rock that is sometimes black. It could be used for a strong horse that is black.

Moonbeam Not rated yet
I've always dreamed of a Grey horse. I've read several books with Grey horses in them, and it seems to be that Moonbeam was the best name given to any …

Mickey Not rated yet
cause it sounds fun, and energetic. It would be perfect for a jumper or racer.

Mounty Not rated yet
because your horse is your mount, right? lol

lightning Not rated yet
Because it sound just adorable and i am obsessed with this name. Also my cute horse is named lightning

Mario, Stormy, Ashlynn, Sunny and Leviv  Not rated yet
My favorite horse names would probably have to be Mario, Stormy, Ashlynn, Sunny and Leviv because well I collect Breyer Horses and those are my favorite …

Poppy Not rated yet
Coz it was my horses name but then she got put down plus it reminds me of her all the time!

piter Not rated yet
racing jumping

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