Capalls Horse SIM Game

Thanks to one of our horsecrazy girlfriends I found out about Capalls horse SIM game. You get horses, groom them breed them, look after, go on rides in the Enchanted Forest. It
is fun!!

Important!! When you sign up you are asked for a bank PIN. They don't want your real bank PIN. Just make up a number you'll use in the game. Never give out a real bank PIN!

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I love Capalls, its so fun! I just don't know how to train my horses? Fun though. Does any one now how to train your horses? I even tried the the taming …

I think that Capalls is SOOOOOOOOOOO FUN! I play it everyday, its just a little challenging. By the way Capalls is the BEST horse game EVER!!!

CAPALLS is the best game ever!!!!!!! I can play on it for hours!!!!!!!

I can't believe you're all giving this game all these bad comments, you probably cant log on coz u haven't authorized your account! It needs the bank pin …

HELP @ Capalls!!! 

Capalls VS Horse Isle 
I think Horse isle is sooo much better than Capalls!

I have played this before and I think it's okay. But one thing: IT WON'T LET ME ON!!! I had to have my password sent to me, but they never told me my username …

The regestration is closed 
Why is it closed? I cant make a file :(

It stinks. All you do is click. It's just like Furry paws virtual dog, it should'nt even be in this list!

Well it doesn't work for me. Whats a good Horse game to play on a Nintendo Wii, or PS2?

I wasnt sure about this game. Ive seen better. I recommend Horse Isle.

Hello everyone! This is Program Man from The bank pin during signup is for the bank pin you will use on our game, not your actual bank pin …

i cannot believe that you have to enter a bank number to activate your account. that is just ridiculous

Don't like the game.. 
The owner and mods don't respect player's thoughts and wishes.


Ok, I went to the website, i put my e-mail, password, and username in, but now it needs a bank number! Does that mean it costs money?! Because if it does, …

re: help me please 
i just put down "what?" and it let me in. it confused me too!

it said that Capall is the irish word 4 horse! neat! i'm irish!

help me please 
Why does it need your bank pin?

Do you need help with the online horse game Capalls? Post your question here so another player can answer it. If you know the answer, be sure to share …

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hi, HELP i want an account but im stuck cuz i cant SIGN OUT

Never Played it but it sure looks fun! be back and i will tell u if i liked or loved it (liked is Kinda and Loved it is OmG sooo..... FUN!!!!!!!!!)

This game is dumb and boring!!!!!!!!!! :!!!!

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Okay Game Not rated yet
Capalls is okay, but all you do is click and sometimes the pictures for horses are either limited or not so great because they use art submitted by users. …

THIS STINKS! Not rated yet
Capalls won't let you on when you join! I recommend Horseland.

Capalls is free! Not rated yet
The game doesn't cost money, you enter the bank pin that you'll use in the game to withdraw money. ;)

HELP PLEASE!! (Capalls) Not rated yet
Please help me! I'm wondering where the "edit information" box is on your horse's page. PLEASE HELP!

Capalls can be Cool Not rated yet
This game is so fun if it let me on but it won't, it says you did not register! :(

Capalls is COOL! Not rated yet
I checked out the site it looks pretty cool ,but also looks difficult too. Also check out thats pretty cool too!

Don't Waste Your Time! Not rated yet
I have never played Capalls before. Since I saw the comets, in no way am I going to waste my time playing something that won`t let me on!

Capalls: Not Good! Not rated yet
This game is rubbish! You have to pay to go on it and I think that no websites that you have to pay to play on should be on Note …

Need Help With Capalls! Not rated yet
I'm trying to sign-up but I don't know what to put for the AUTH code????

Cool Not rated yet
It looks awesome Not rated yet
Capalls is one of the best games I have seen. The staff is kind and considerate. The gameplay is stimulating, and they are amidst adding genetics! :)

cristina Not rated yet
I love horses.

How come? Not rated yet
Y do u have 2 get the email when u can just go 2 ur account like other places?I reccomend & the best!

New Player Not rated yet
i think this sim is refreshing, new and exciting! i am still a new player, but the concept blows my mind. Another game i recommend is Howrse.

farm Not rated yet
It is the best game ever

Just needs time Not rated yet
People just need to take the time and read the help files, or look around a bit before dropping things. Capalls is really easy to figure out if you take …

pony lover horse lover Not rated yet
i love ponies and horses .i love playing horse games plus jumping with real ponies.

Reply to Hmmmm Not rated yet
A good game is Pets Horsez for wii or Breders Cup(Racing game, but is fun), My horse ad me...I know alot of great PC games too.

I dont like it  Not rated yet
when i went to enter the registration was closed!!?? Note from Sydney: I am pretty sure that is temporary while they make some upgrades to the game. …

you cant sign up right now Not rated yet
right now you cant sign up and thats like so not cool cause i really wanted to try playing it because it sounds really fun but i cant sign up ugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! …

Sign-ups closed  Not rated yet
I went on it to sign up and the sign ups are closed for now :-( Note from Sydney's mom: They should be open again soon. They are upgrading the game. …

Capalls Update and Tips Not rated yet
Hehe, I'm actually on Capalls right now ^^ I have a forever upgraded account, and it's great :) It can be a bit confusing at first. I really suggest …

Sounds Fun Not rated yet
This game sounds fun but the sign up is closed, I come back to see if it is open nearly everyday and it's not =( Oh well.

Capalls  Not rated yet
I can't sign up for this game. Sign-ups are closed. I have e-mailed them asking why. I hopefully should have some more info soon.

cool Not rated yet
It an awsome game.I would play it all day if i could.PLAY IT TODAY!PLAY IT TODAY!PLAY IT TODAY!!!!!!!!!

hmmm... Not rated yet
i found capalls to be confusing. and not very fun after the first time or two.

horse mad  Not rated yet
great and love it

i love horses Not rated yet
i have two horses

i love Cappalls! Not rated yet
i love this game!

Help! Not rated yet
Well, i joined, and when I tried to log on, it just went back to the home page and wouldn't let me in.I can't make a new account either, i only have one …

Capalls Not rated yet
i didn't like it whatsoever. I couldn't even figure out how to get a horse to my stable i would not recommend this online horse game to anyone.

I like it but one thing...Capalls Question Not rated yet
How do i buy a horse and change the color of its coat? I don't know how to change it when i go to buy one....

It's Fun, but sorta confusing Not rated yet
I've been playing Capalls for a few months now, but lots of it is confusing...To go to your inventory, click on the thing that shows the weather, and to …

ALRIGHT Not rated yet
i think its ok but confusing because it doesn' help on how to get a horse and don't like the cappals meaning horse...

i love horses...and Capalls! Not rated yet
It is great - i love it. It is the funnest game i have ever played.

Awesome horse owning sim game Not rated yet
Capalls is great and highly art based. The community though small, is really friendly and talented. The game is fully automated and you have all sorts …

its a PRETEND bank pin Not rated yet
u guys...make one up..u need a fake one in order to get money out of the bank.

??? fuzzled???? Not rated yet
by a mistake i pressed guest and now i cant join and make my own account

different Not rated yet
I tried cappal's, but found it rather frustraiting to find my way around the site. it was fun, and a good idea for a game, just a difficult layout.

Its okay Not rated yet
The game is fun you can breed train and ride your horses fun things like that keep it going

laura XxX Not rated yet
i think capalls is great because i think horses are absolutely amazing they're sooooooooooo gorgeous lol

Cappalls is Cool Not rated yet
it sounds cool and it is the name makes you not want to play it but if you do you'll love it I'm sooo glad it a game cause if it wasn't it would be so …

My Cappal's Review Not rated yet
No offense.... but i really dont like this game because it wont let me take money out of my bank account and you can't ride your horse properly... i like …

OOPS SORRY Not rated yet
Sydney and your mom, I'm really sorry bout the bank pin thing... i didn't realise it was pretend, please forgive me i actually really like your game …

i know its free but y do u need bank pin? Not rated yet
What do you need a bank PIN for? All other sites need an email this a fraud?

Best Game Not rated yet
Capalls is the best game ever! The admin, mods, etc are super nice. And, if they 'don't respect your wishes' well then you wanted to delete your account, …

why i want to join Not rated yet
I would like to join and play Capalls because I love horses. I also have horses at my house . Iam crazy about horses and I love themm. So I would like …

capalls Not rated yet
I think this game is kinda boring. You even have to expand the stable!!!i give it a 2 out of 10 , 10 being best!!!

Great place!! Not rated yet
It's a fun place to be. I've only been on for 3 months or so and i learned it very easily. My favorite part is the enchanted forest because you get free …

Really FUN, 1 question! Not rated yet
i love capalls! its very fun, but i have 1 quetstion, how do u install a round pen??? plz helpl meh!

Amazing Not rated yet
To the person who wrote this: 'The owner and mods don't respect player's thoughts and wishes.' The mods and admin don't respect the wishes? It's probably …

Capalls is Alright Not rated yet
Well I went to sign in and it keeps saying i need to say yes to the terms and conditions which I had already done so so far it's alright .

i will be vary happy and sad Not rated yet
On this other game i cannot get in. i did the things i needed to do and i went to the sign up button and it did say that you cant get in...

Weird game, boring, but sometimes fun Not rated yet
I have only been on for a little while and I find it very confusing. At first they want a Bank Pin number and I was like isn't this free? Well the Bank …

brushing your horse Not rated yet
Brush where the hair goes, or you might hurt your horse.

Great Not rated yet
This game is great for those who like realistic games this has got gardening but it isn't hard work and it has forums like a role playing game so it's …

Lucky Foot Stable Not rated yet
I luv horsez don't you? i don't have one but i try to have one on the computer! see ya! -Jingmei

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