12-yr old girl wants a horse!

by Alexee
(Petersburg, West Virginia)

I'm a 12 year old girl and I want a horse!! My mom and dad have been very ignorant to the subject and I'm about to scream!!

We have a farm and a horse barn that hasn't been vacant for quite a while. I've always wanted a horse but only rode one for vacation last year at Nashville. Our county offers a 4-H Horse Camp in the summer for a week and I'm going to it but this is the first time.

I don't have much responsibility but I'm trying hard. There is no horse lessons offered around the county and even surrounding. Well there's this one but it is WAY too expensive. I just don't know what to do anymore. Anybody have any ideas?? I'm begging you!!

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Apr 04, 2013
i know how you feel
by: Anonymous

just save up, and never give up, keep trying;]

Jul 11, 2012
I get it!
by: I want one too!

I really wish I had a horse too but your parents are probably saying no because it's not just the cost of purchasing it, a horse's needs are PRIC-EY! I know how much you want a horse and I do too but once you're old enough to get a part time job you can start saving! :) I just keep telling myself "If you don't have one now, you WILL have one when you're older" good luck and I hope you find the horse of your dreams! :)

Apr 27, 2012
by: Anonymous


Apr 04, 2012
Here are some websites:
by: Katie

here are some websites that you can use to look for horses for sale: equine.com, equinenow.com, (this next website is GREAT...) dreamhorse.com..

hope these help!!


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